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Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by ChuckSTG, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. ChuckSTG

    ChuckSTG Cheesehead

    Oct 9, 2005
    Posted this on one of the other forums, Let me know what you guys think.

    I do a lot of thinking on my way to class so I end of building these drafts in my head overtime

    I'll start off my addressing FA. As in my other mock I still choose John Abraham as a DE. As stated before he is excellent against the pass and the run. He'll probably cost a decent amount but our pass rush was pretty pathetic last year.

    Now the Draft:

    All of the trades are based on the data from the draft value charts (http://www.thehuddlereport.com/NickelPa ... echart.htm)

    I'd trade with Denver for thier 2 first round picks and their 2nd round for our first round and we give them Robert Ferguson as well. We then trade our 2nd round pick to Miami or Atlanta for thier 2nd round pick and thier fourth Round pick. We then trade our 3rd round for the Ravens 3rd Round pick and thier 5th Rounder.

    I am going to assume that we are getting compensation picks of 3rd round for Rivera and a pick for Jue in the 6th or 7th round:

    1st Round:
    1(22): Ko Simpson S South Carolina: True Ballhawking safety. Good size and speed. Has a excellent nose for the ball. Well-Rounded with lots of upside. Knock is that he is a sophmore and might have a experience problem. Don't see that as too much of a problem, that was a knock on Collins too.

    2(30): Bobby Carpenter OLB Ohio State: Big, physical LB. A lot of draft sites have stated that if he had not broken his leg this year (duriblity concern) could have gone before Hawk. Great instictns and has excellent size and speed ratio (6'3 255 4.5). Is good at covering TE and RB out of the backfield Would be a great fit for us as the Strong Side LB (possiblity that poppinga won't be what he was).

    2nd Round:
    1(47): Abdul Hodge MLB Iowa: Possibly the best inside Linebacker prospect in the draft. Textbook tackler and great instincts. Good speed (4.5/6) and decent in coverage. Smaller (235) but plays much bigger then his size. I just like the fact that he has great instinst and is a solid tackler, move barnett to the outside where he played his entire football career before he was drafted.

    2(30): Brian Calhoun RB Wisconsin: Great speed and agility and catching skills. Some say he is small and won't be a full time back. They didn't see him play at Wisconsin. Led the league in carries. But only had that one big season (slight bad point) but that means doesn't have a lot of hits on him. He might not be availabe this late in the 2nd so Jerious Norwood or Joesph Addai could also be a pick.

    3rd Round
    1(77): Gabe Watson DT Michagan: Big Monster in the middle. Personality made him slide and is a steal here. Takes up blockers and is not a real pass rushing threat. When his motor is running, he is unstoppalbe. would work well in green bay because we have a good rotational thing going to keep players fresh. Could be the next Gilbert Brown.

    2(Compensation pick late): Greg Eslinger C/G Minnesota: Best Center prospect in the draft (maybe Mangold). Great feet and has been the leader of the minnesota line forever. Pefect fit for packers. Mike Flanagan is probably gone so this is a need. The Staff may see Coston as the next center so Eslinger teammate Mark Setterstrom (Guard) or Fred Matua (Guard USC) could be another choice.

    4th Round
    1(101): David Pittman CD Northwestern St: Going out on a limb here. He is a project but then again he doesnt' need to start right away. Is small that for sure (6' 177) but has room for growth. Patty has him listed as the "best cover corner" in the draft. could be a solid nickel player. Very fast and quick and phyiscal despite size. Another choice is Will Blackmon CB. Need more depth at CB so fill need here.

    2(112): Joe Klopfenstein TE Colorado: Excellent Receiving TE. No the best blocker in the world but is ok. could be a excelletn threat in teh red zone with his size (6'6 245)

    5th Round:
    1(133): Brandon Williams WR/KR): With the loss of Ferguson we need another WR. He is a excellent return man and could push Chatman for his job there. Had a excellent Senior year and pushed passed Jonathon Orr as the top receiver on the team. The WR crop is really weak this year so could find some good players here. As far as a return man goes could also go with Jeremy Bloom from Colorado. Small but outstanding speed.

    2(141): Brett Basanez QB Northwestern: 4 year starter in college. Good leader. A good running threat. Probably a career back-up but who knows.

    6th Round
    1(165): Nik Moser S Iowa State: Good size and speed and instints. Would be a menace on Special Teams. Would also give good depth in that postion.

    Round 1: Ko Simpson & Bobby Carpenter
    Round 2: Abdul Hodge & Brian Calhoun
    Round 3: Gabe Watson & Greg Eslinger
    Round 4: David Pittman & Joe Klopfenstein
    Round 5: Brandon Williams & Brent Basanez
    Round 6: Nik Moser
  2. tromadz

    tromadz Cheesehead

    Aug 15, 2005
    i wish we had that many picks

    do we? i dont know the situation, cuz sherman messed so much stuff up
  3. ChuckSTG

    ChuckSTG Cheesehead

    Oct 9, 2005
    We only have five (one in each round 1-5), but I had TT making a lot of draft trades. I was iffy on the compensation picks in the 3rd and the 6th, only assuming we get them
  4. TOPackerFan

    TOPackerFan Cheesehead

    Dec 8, 2004
    No way will we get a third for Marco. I think we might get one compensatory pick for the two of them and it will be around a 5th rounder.
  5. gopackgo4

    gopackgo4 Cheesehead

    Jan 2, 2006
    we should pick up julian peterson in free agency and draft mario willams

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