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Dec 18, 2004
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As a Jag Fan I am pumped just like several here only that I am pumped for the other team!!
This game in Jax is viewed and felt like a playoff game,
If the Jags lose then we are almost done with the playoffs.
So it will be lights out for the Jags.

Brett Farve 38-1 at Lambeau when its 34F or less!

I will say everyone loves Farve but for a Jag Fan this week it has to be different. Can't love the guy this week, just hope he stays healthy for next week and the playoffs.

The Jaguars are really pumped up about going to Lambeau Field and playing in the cold. You wouldn't really think a team from Florida would be excited about going but really the Jags are looking forward to the cold weather. It is one thing to come say hello, spend 4 hrs in the freezing cold play a game then leave so I think the Jags know that and will get their mind set before the game.

Its like Mount Everest, the challenge is exciting.
You got a big mountain in the game, and Icon QB and the cold of the frozen tundra and not to often can players in Florida feel that frozen weather.
For players they just have to say hey I got 4hrs of freezing cold and then I can have heat!

Do I worry about the cold, not as much as like 20 yrs ago. Because of all the technology and heaters. I feel for you Fans!! now that is tough!! Fans take on the brunt of the cold. There is no half time heat for the fans, no warm seats or hot blowers!!
I will say some of the greatest fans have to be Green bay season ticket holder fans in December! I don't envy you guys. I will take my Jags seats and the heat any day over cold.

One plus side about the Jags,
Preseason the Jags got to see Farve, we have a lot of young guys on the team so the awe of Farve will be less then if this would have been their first view of him.

Next our equipment guys are preparing like no other game, they have all cleat sizes, helmet warmers everything under the sun to keep the guys warm.

I will say it is going to be hard to run on the Jags, but if A. Green is healthy that will help GB with play action pass. Farve and Manning are the best at play action and this is what I like to see Leftwich become better at but that is up to our offensive coordinator to get more play action in the scheme.

Jags weakness is CB Washington, I am not sure if he is going to start, but Mathis on the other side is the fastest Jag and really is an all pro caliber CB.
Darius, hard hitting but lacks blanket cover skills so we will see how he and Grant cover the deep middle which Farve is very good at throwing the long Deep middle pass.

All I can say it will be chilly here if Florida, well it will be chilly for Jax, high's in 40s and 50s, I know for GB it would be T-shirt weather for you guys but for Jax that is cold enough.

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