It just sunk in


Jun 22, 2005
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Wausau WI
That we are going to end the season tommorow. It was a great year as normal. I have said it before maybe not to you guys, but I would rather sit at home and watch the packers get their butts kicked every sunday than be out doing anything else, and This season had some low moments and some high moments. its unfortunate that is has to come to an end. Next year seems very far off and this year seemed like it went by like nothing. It feels like it is back at the first pre-season game of the season. did the year go by fast for anyone else? Go Brewers ;) And how many days till training camp opens so we can go watch somthing again? Oh well, how about the Packers go out and kick the Bears *** tommorow just for the hell of it and get some more positive energy heading into next year. Brett please come back! Playoffs next year I think for sure. Now lets go beat the Bears!!!

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