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Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
ct. 22, 2005
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Eric Goska
If Packers were sharper, they’d pick off Culpepper

Attention Troy Aikman: Daunte Culpepper might pass you on Sunday at the Metrodome, surpassing the record-setting streak you established against the Green Bay Packers during the 1990s.

Culpepper, the Minnesota Vikings’ imposing quarterback, hasn’t thrown an interception against the Packers in either of the last two seasons. Playing Green Bay has been safe haven for the man who has tossed an NFL-leading 12 picks this year.

The numbers are staggering. In his last four regular-season encounters with the Packers, the seven-year veteran has fired 12 touchdown passes and not a single interception. He has thrown 141 consecutive regular-season passes against Green Bay without being picked off.

His run hearkens to the days of the Packers’ rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys more than a decade ago.

Aikman, who threw four interceptions in his first start against the Packers in 1989, never threw another against them in the regular season. His run of 154 passes without an interception is the most ever against Green Bay.

Keeping the ball away from the enemy can do wonders for a player’s passer rating. Beginning with the rededication of Lambeau Field in the 2003 season opener, Culpepper has produced ratings of 104.2, 97.9, 117.9 and 151.3 in his last four regular-season meetings with the Packers.

Not only is Culpepper not giving up the ball in recent games in this rivalry, but his teammates are following suit.

The Vikings haven’t had a turnover in their last three games in the series, yet the Packers have won all three.

Culpepper wasn’t always so interception-averse.

The Packers intercepted him seven times in his first 153 pass attempts against them. Darren Sharper got him twice (in the same quarter) in Culpepper’s first start at Lambeau Field in 2000.

Sharper, it turns out, was the one Packer who knew how to intercept Culpepper. He did so five times, including stealing Culpepper’s last-ditch effort in Green Bay’s 26-22 win on Dec. 8, 2002.

Culpepper has been interception-free against Green Bay since that throw.

Sharper, of course, is in a Vikings uniform this year. That means there is no one on the Packers’ roster who has intercepted Culpepper.

But maybe, just maybe, Culpepper has regressed to his form of 2002, a year in which he threw 23 interceptions.

Maybe the loss of wide receiver Randy Moss has affected him more than he cares to admit.

Maybe Al Harris, Nick Barnett, Ahmad Carroll or one of their teammates ends Culpepper’s streak in the Metrodome.

Packers fans can only hope so.

Regular-season series

Overall: Green Bay leads 44-42-1.

At the Metrodome: Vikings lead 12-10.

Starting quarterbacks

Packers: Brett Favre (136-74 overall; 13-12 vs. Minnesota).

Vikings: Daunte Culpepper (37-41 overall, 3-6 vs. Green Bay).

Once a Viking, now a Packer

Defensive tackle Colin Cole was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Vikings in 2003 and spent part of that season on Minnesota’s practice squad.

Once a Packer, now a Viking

Safety Darren Sharper (1997-2004) is a former Packer.

Quick hit

Throw in the playoff game last season between the Packers and Vikings, and Culpepper’s string without an interception grows to 170.

Friendly skies
Quarterbacks who have thrown the most consecutive passes without an interception against the Packers.

  • No. --- Passer

    154, Troy Aikman

    141, Daunte Culpepper

    131, Dave Krieg

    126, Neil O’Donnell

Eric Goska is a Press-Gazette correspondent, a Packers historian and the author of “Green Bay Packers: A Measure of Greatness,â€


Sep 22, 2005
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phoenix AZ
VERY interesting. I had no idea that we have been so easy on Cullpepper. I also didn't think our record was even THAT good in the Dumptydome.


Feb 19, 2005
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If we can get a pass rush going and get Culpepper to hurry, this streak will be broken. And i hope Collins is the one who picks him off, got 10 bucks saying he does against my dad. :cross:


Trust my friendly Packer faithful...Culpepper throwing an interception tommorow is as sure as Favre making it to the hall....It's gonna happen.

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