Favre and Walker


Feb 1, 2005
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Southern Indiana
all this hoopla should not have that big of an impact on the team. brett is the team leader, and javon knows that. im sure javon did not take to what brett said the wrong way. these two are friends and one of the most lethal QB-WR duos in the league. should brett rework some of his contract so javon can sign long term, i dont know. i thought brett did that last year or a couple years ago in another situation but im not sure. i do believe javon deserves more money, but he should understand the cap situation the team is in. this happens with many teams and im sure TT will make it all work out. javon will be in training camp and the two of them will continue to have the impact they had last year. i just think we should lay off the situation until it becomes a real problem, trust brett, trust javon, and trust TT. i lrespect and ove sharper but he should have butt out of this situation, he is a QUEEN now, understand that. just had to let my view known.


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