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Defensive performance may have just turned around the season

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by packerfan1441, Nov 1, 2010.

By packerfan1441 on Nov 1, 2010 at 7:00 PM
  1. packerfan1441

    packerfan1441 Cheesehead

    Sep 14, 2010
    The reports on ESPN.com said the Packers didn't have much of a chance entering Sunday's match up with the Jets, they were too banged up by injuries, and standing at 4-3, they weren't looking much like the Super Bowl favorite they had been at the beginning of the year; and the predictions were all justified. The facts were stacked against us and everyone knew it, except those that really knew this team. They came into New York with the most momentum they've had all year after picking up a win against Minnesota that was extremely hard fought and won in the last minute of the game behind a loud and anxious crowd. The offense and more importantly the defense had a new level of confidence after finally standing up when it mattered most. That's why the Packer's knew they'd win Sunday.

    The Jets entered the game as one of the best teams in the NFL with a 5-1 record and a dominant run game behind the born again Ladainian Tomlinson and the young up-and-comer Shonn Greene. They also boasted one of the top young quarterbacks in the league in Mark Sanchez, who finally has benefited from deadly weapons Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. The Packers, on the other hand, were playing with a wounded run defense that had been gouged over the last few weeks with some key players not helping in clogging up the interior up the middle. The pass defense had relatively held its own but was very susceptible to the big pass play the last few weeks. None of that mattered Sunday as the reserves stepped up in a huge way. Desmond Bishop recorded 10 tackles and wrecked havoc on the running attack all afternoon while linebacker mate Frank Zombo recorded 4 more tackles and also forced a fumble. The apparent fall off from the starters to the backups that was supposed to curse this team has ended up with the opposite and set this team back on track.

    Despite the offensive struggles, Mason Crosby was able to convert 3 key field goals that was the difference in the game. The Jets do have an excellent defense though as they came into the game with the seventh overall defense and finally a healthy Darrelle Revis. On top of Revis, they have Antonio Rodgers-Cromartie at the other cornerback position making them arguably the best cornerback tandem in all of football. Despite this though, the offense was very lackluster and frustrating even if the defense was as good as the billing. This offense has so many weapons and the Pack just couldn't consistently move the ball on Sunday. The offense as we know will bounce back though it always does, and the most important thing that the Packers will get from this game is that despite their worst offensive performance of the year, they were able to also get their biggest win of the first half of the season.

    Next Sunday the Packers take on the Cowboys on national television for Sunday Night Football, and sports writers will once again start to flock back to the Packers as things look to have turned around for this team; and, no doubt, their right about that. This team is a family once again and when they're playing confident no team can beat them. As players start to come off the disabled list, things will only get better as there will be no problem rolling players in with no shortage of talent or togetherness on the field. The Packers are looking like they're back on track. Although it?s too early to make any Super Bowl predictions, keep in mind we're winning these games without the best possible team even out there; when players like Finley and Harris return to action this team will be even better than when they started the year.


Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by packerfan1441, Nov 1, 2010.

    1. Kitten
      Very well said. I still can't stop smiling like a Cheshire cat after that win. The Pack made a huge statement yesterday. I wonder what the commentary will be like for those announcers who doubted us. Eat crow!!!
    2. PackerFan87
      Ha, we're like a wild animal. Don't back us into a corner! :paladin:
    3. VolvoD
      Time to remind the "experts" like jawrorwski that they don't know **** when the packers destroy their super-bowl favorite cowgirls.

      This is a hard-fought team, Lombardi Style bitches!!!
    4. Zeck180
      Now all they need to do is beat the more and less, heavily favored Patriots in wk 15. Also might have to check for cameras along the sideline.

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