Atrium Packages - Any experienced fans?


Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
As part of what I try to do with our IndyPackerBackers Club - we make things fun for the Members in many different ways. This Season, I purchased 431 tickets from the Colts and built a tailgate up for an estimated 800 cheesheads, with 1500 brats/6 barrels of beer/HatWorld trailer/Live Band-the Tony Cheeseborough Band, which play at the Slippery Noodle/Jaeger Girls/Silent Auction with items from Mark Tauscher-his Dad brought those items down and party-ed with us the evening before and that day of the game... look on the web site for the pics. The Packers also donated a Team Football (green&gold) with all of the signatures of the Players, including Gravedigger.

Last year, we pulled off our first ever "Bears Still Suck Tailgate Party" for the 12/7/03 game at Lambeau. Each time we do something, it ends up being bigger than that last event.

THIS COMING YEAR - we hope to gather a few of the Member (50-?) and do a trip to Lambeau for at least one game and ppossibly try and do it thru the Atrium people. I hear that if you schedule an Atrium Event, they can provide tickets up to 50 in a group for whatever game you wish.... They handle the meals, etc and then you go watch the game...

Has anyone tried this? Can you offer some advice on what to watch out for? We'll probably drive our own cars, unless getting a Tour Bus ends up being cheaper.. but I'd like to be able to drive around Green Bay, rather than walking everywhere.


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