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Sep 23, 2010
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I was hoping to post this here before this weekend's games, but simply forgot. It is another blog post of mine previewing each and every game, so if any one is bored at work, or simply wishing to kill time to get to the big game, check it out. I loved the feedback last time, both positive and negative, so keep it coming

Initial thoughts after this weekend: Brady carried New England, that defense looks vulnerable. Luck is the real deal, while Peyton is on the decline. Denver-Indy was the only game I was dead off on. In our game, I was so nervous, this was the perfect formula for Dallas to win until Arod got in a rhythym. They are a very good team, and we are going to be even better against Seattle, near flawless to win. I'll be writing another post previewing the championship games, and hopefully I'll post it here before the games this time. Again, all feedback appreciated, Go Pack Go!

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