Adios Chucky Hepburn


Nov 10, 2021
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The latest Badger to enter the transfer portal was Chucky Hepburn. He was a decent defender, but in all honesty, he didn't show me he could slash to the bucket and create offense. I think Blackwell was ready to push him out of a job.

Watch for Winter to step up and provide size, and power forward muscle. He showed signs last year. He showed he can't be intimidated. He made strides. McGee will be a slasher. Klesmit can put the ball in the bucket when he finds open spots, and don't sell newcomers Freitag and Robison short. They're going to be early contributors. With a couple of decent portal transfers, this team will be competitive.

But, don't think Gard is going to be canned. After this coming season, his buyout money is $6 mill, and after the following season, it's $3 mill. That's when I see it happening, unless he turns this program into a real winner.

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