Badgers host MSU at The Kohl


Nov 10, 2021
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Watching the Badgers play last night (1/26/24) was an enjoyment. They moved the ball extremely well on offense, were playing defense like I haven't seen all year, and just plain showed there's a reason they're being mentioned as a #2 seed in the NCAA tournament. In all honesty, they might well be the only team in the Big 10 who can beat Purdue, from here on in, and another Big 10 Championship is possible.

We're talking about a team who has a new emerging hero every week, and guys who weren't counted on to be nearly as good as they are, have actually developed into all-Big 10 picks.

Right now, they're one of the best shows on a basketball court, and it's a treat watching them. Gard and his staff have done an amazing job recruiting.

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