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    29th pick.. Eric stokes db

    I would have preferred JOK, Tevin Jenkins or Moore but don't hate the pick I like him better then some of the other options.
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    Ranking The Top 10 Best And Worst Packers Of All Time

    I know it goes way back but I think Don Hutson NEEDs to be on the top 10 best list
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    I watched 3 games of tape vs UNC, Pittsburgh and GT and was not impressed his tackling sucked I don't remember ever seeing him wrap up and make a good tackle, he seemed a liability against the run or screens I'd see a WR blocking him march him 10-15 yards backwards especially vs UNC. If the ball...
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    I really hope not Im not high on him at all
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    Hypothetical Rodgers trade with the Raiders

    I'd pass now if they would give us something for Jordan Love I might be interested.
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    I disagree I think we saw that even with peices missing we could field a solid OL last year with Linsley and Bahk both missing time for stints sure it wouldn't be a top 5 unit without Bahk but I still think we'd jave a solid one with modest additions that are not necessarily high draft picks...
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    Packers Division

    I think Chicago does for sure and there is a good one or both of the others do as well but I'm not confident they will or wont with either of them
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    It's a position of need yes I just dont think it's any bigger of a need then WR, CB, or ILB and as long as we adress it even if not until one of the middle round I'm fine with that I don't think a OL with EG at LT, Runyan at LG, Patrick at Center, and Turner at either RG or RT with a rookie or...
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    I did this mock assuming a good CB did fall in this case Farley though Newsome would also work for me if non of the top4 guys were left then I'd have gone elsewhere or had us trade down. I honestly don't have OL as big a need as most I view it as a position that could be added to in the draft...
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    Tyni 4.5 Mock

    Day Two of the NFL draft includes both rounds 2 AND 3 I have them all graded as 3rd round players so when I read day 2 I classified them as that when you said day 2 did you mean 2nd round or am I misunderstanding something?
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    Tyni 4.5 Mock

    Have you watched any of Keith Taylor Jr, Ambry Thomas, or Tre Brown yet? They are all CB's I noticed you didn't have listed that I am really high and would probably have in the second tier.
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    yeah I'm really high on him also I thought he did a pretty good job getting seperation at the senior though it is one v one with a lot of field to work with so that is somewhat to be expected.
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    Fredrik's 7 round Mock 1.0

    Ok so I've finally watched enough tape to do a 7 round mock so here it is. R1P29: Caleb Farley, CB, VT. (I know, I know he's not supposed to fall this far but with the recent news of his back surgery his stock has taken a massive hit and I could easily see enough teams passing on him for him to...
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    Morgan Burnett is retiring

    Green Bay Packers on Twitter: "Former #Packers safety Morgan Burnett has announced his retirement from the NFL. :" / Twitter
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    Favorite Players

    - Greg Newsome II - CB - Keith Taylor Jr -CB - Ambry Thomas - CB -Tyree Gilespie - S - Jaret Patterson - RB - Tylan Wallace -WR - Caleb Farley - CB - Shi Smith -WR - Jamine Davis - ILB - JOK - ILB - Zaven Collins - ILB

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