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    Will Peyton Manning break the passing records set by Favre?

    Re: Will Peyton Manning break the passing records set by Fav I think, now that Tarik Glenn will be retiring prior to the 2007 season, we will see Peyton Manning get pressured a lot more. Or maybe they have a capable replacement set and will fill in nicely. But, I think he will...
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    ESPN's ultimate depth chart

    I don't understand why so many people seem to think the the Detroit Lions have such a great offense now that the have Calvin Johnson. Who could turn out to be the biggest bust ever because of all the hype. I've seen people re-do the rankings and put the Lions above us on offense. Based on...
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    Why was Kurt Schottenheimer rehired?

    One good thing: And some bad things:
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    What is your most PROUD packer moment (excluding SBs)

    I have quite a few Packer moments. One was when we finally beat the Cowboys to get to the SuperBowl. Two was when we signed Reggie White. And Three: I was watching the Cards/Vikings game, I didnt care to watch the Packer game cause I knew they would beat the Broncos. 4th quarter...
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    Montana Illinois North Carolina Alabama South Dakota Wisconsin Missouri Pennsylvania Nebraska Delaware Ohio Michigan Indiana California(3) New York Arkansas Arizona Minnesota New York Oklahoma Virginia Iowa North Dakota Florida Whoo i live in sunny Jacksonville...
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    If Brett does Retire... Our QB Options

    I'd take Schaub and no one else. Then draft a rookie quarterback in the later rounds.
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    Should we go after...

    No he's too slow for the type of linebackers needed in the system that Bates used, that Sanders is gonna use.
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    HONESTLY, who would you like to see The Pack draft at #5?

    Re: HONESTLY, who would you like to see The Pack draft at #5 I'll give out 4 names, AJ Hawk, Mario Williams or Michael Huff or Darnell Bing. Either of those 4 would be good with me. But because TT does the old "best player available" way he'll probably choose Lendale White because TT loves the...
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    Signed for 06 and deserving extension

    C Mike Flanagan: He has been very good in his year with Green Bay but it's time for him to go. FB William Henderon: I say if he is willing to stick it out for a couple more years re-sign him. G Grey Ruegamer: A very versatile o-lineman, maybe a 2 year deal OT Kevin Barry: Im gonna say let...
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    Packers Roster Moves 10/25

    Taco Wallace's real name Lawrence. Don't know where he got the nick name but some guy on FootballsFuture said he's name was Lawrence.
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    Re: MIKE SHERMAN SHOULD BE SHOT...! I blame the whole coaching staff. Who the hell sit's on a 17 point lead? I mean i would have atleast tried to have made it 24 to nothing. But i also blame Longwell. He shanked 2 field goals. It could have been 20 to nothing heading into the start of the 3rd...
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    If Packers were sharper (???)

    If we can get a pass rush going and get Culpepper to hurry, this streak will be broken. And i hope Collins is the one who picks him off, got 10 bucks saying he does against my dad. :cross:
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    Najeh out for the year

    He shouldn't be cut but he shouldn't be re-signed after this season either. Because this year he held off on holding out for a better contract. So who's to say he wont take say, a three year deal, that is usually given to a second stringer, but hold out for a first stringer contract. So i say...
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    3 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles. Man what a game!!
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    If this season doesn't turn around...

    If we have the first pick in this year's draft, there's no doubt about TT trading out of it and getting more picks. I'd like to see us pick up a linebacker or maybe Mathias Kiwanuka in the first round.

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