Why Brett Should Keep Playing and it doesn't matter whe


Sep 23, 2005
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Posted on another Forum and worth me taking any Flaming :

Excellent Posts, keep them comming !!!

I am up here in Canada as I write this and our other posters so far our from Mexico and the USA. I only point this out as my post on what Brett means to me ( getting back to the subject at hand ) may get a little deep but the emotions are felt worldwide.

Whether some of us like it or not "Brett has become bigger then the Green Bay Packers and in some ways bigger then the NFL". Now before anyone gets upset with this statement let me say that this is not a knock on our team or the NFL , this is just what has happened.

Why I state the above is that no boy or man will ever look up to the NFL and say "I want to have that type of character, drive and determination". As was pointed out above Brett has taught us all that no matter what happens in life you can try to get back up and go one more round. In other words:

"Brett has become the most positive role model out there for so many boys and men ( with or without fathers ) that a society could ever hope to have". All ladies please note that the only reason I am focusing on boys and men in this post is because both as a Juvenile Counselor and as one of many millions of men from a fatherless home I know how important a good male role model is in life and the amazing impact a man like Brett has and can continue to make in this regards.

You see Brett teaches boys and men Character, Grit, Determination and Class in a society that seems to be lacking more and more of this all the time. As stated above "who else in todays society can make grown men cry" ? and when I watched the Raiders game, I did have to hold back my tears as many Raider fans did and it was this game by the way in which I had found my first and only Hero in life.

Brett is what is good about society, not his Superbowl Ring or his records, he is so much bigger then that now to so many people that I say "Play Brett Play" no matter where, just play as long as you want to because I think you still want to and I think I can speak for many of your true fans when I say we will cheer for you anywhere and on any team.

Brett, You are bigger then the game. You are a Hero. God Bless You.

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