To all those who complained about ...


Sep 3, 2013
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1) BJ Raji being misused on the D and or out of shape/unmotivated in years past, the havoc he is wreaking in the backfield through 4 games, validates your complaints (and validates TT's faith in keeping him around the past 2 seasons),

2) Brad Jones being an untalented, overpaid ILBer whose penchant for untimely penalties sucked the life out of the D, you were correct, because we've seen better play out of Nate Palmer (and Joe Thomas the last 2 weeks) than we ever saw out of Mr. Jones,

3) AJ Hawk's soft, slow play inviting teams to gash the Pack (for years) with shallow crossing routes and, for those with running QBs to have them take off running given the lack of speed in the middle of the D, you were 100% correct (it was so refreshing to see Clay and the other athletic LBs completely shut down Kap - just like most other teams with decent Ds have the past couple of years), and last but not least

4) the 3-man rush, by golly Dom must have heard you because he has unleashed Perry, Neal, Clay, Pep, Elliott, et al. all year and the results have been spectacular.

So much fun to see the D win a game. I look forward to much more.

Oh, and TT selecting not 1 but 2 young, promising DBs last draft is starting to look like pure genius, but that is a topic for another day.

El Guapo

Dec 7, 2011
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Land 'O Lakes
All good points. It's good to see the offense hum along, but I think most of us get the plaque moving through the arteries when we see inspired defense. Heck, I was excited last night watching the Lions put hit after hit on the Russell Wilson. They flew to the ball.

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