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Oct 5, 2014
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I can imagine how much fun these can be if you actually know the players. Since I have heard of maybe 10 people in the upcoming draft I am forced to go on whatever the draft simulator has set up and some of the few names I pick up from this group. I've done maybe 20 of these (all using 1 simulator so take it for what its worth) and a few things I have noticed.

If you take a guy they recommend you will always get and A or A+
If you take a guy high on your teams list of needs you will almost always get a minimum of a B+
If you take a guy that has fallen way below his ranking you will almost always get a minimum of a B+

I don't think I got lower than B on any of my picks.

Now for a few specifics

Guy most likely available at #1 at a position of need is Rakestraw

2 guys I always seem to end up with Kamren Kitchens and Demeioun Robinson

I look at a RB with my 4th pick and its usually a toss up between Trey Benson and Jonathan Brooks

Another guy usually available after #200 is Brennan Jackson.

I usually end up taking Driskel o or Jefferson from LSU as one of my last picks

If you are going to draft a QB with one of ther last 2 picks who would it be.

Anyway, just a few observations from a college football ignorant fan. Any comments on my choices.

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