The GM Story Part III- The Future


Apr 14, 2005
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Citrus Heights CA
Predicting the Future is is dealing with many unknowns. After seven games, Here is some personal speculation of potential moves by the GM in the future.

1) Coaching- Not all deserve to return.

Head Coach-Having signed a 2 year extension and an ability to transfer accountability to assistants, I think Mike Sherman returns in 2006. Judging only his coaching on a losing record to date the packers have remained competitive. They have had a chance to win in each game except for in Detroit. They have not been blown out like Texans, 49'ers, Vikings, Saints etc. The team is not giving up in games as seen in 04. Despite outscoring opponents the bottom line results appear bad.

Offensive Coordinator- At week 9 with so many new WR the routes have to be simplified. The QB and WR's have to be on the same page. They are not and it should be the focus of the O coordinator every week. Plays that cannot be run effectively should be discontinued. Adjustments are not being made to the offense. You have to coach the players you have not the playbook. O coordinator seat is warm and possible replacements should be reviewed.

QB coach-Brett Favre needs some discipline, correction, and work with the new inexperienced receivers and RB's. Getting the star treatment without changing some tendencies and adapting to inexperienced players is not improving him or helping the Packers.

Special Teams-See below where players are addressed.

Strength and Conditioning- These guys get blamed for injuries a lot. There is more than lifting weights on primary muscles. Smaller muscle groups hold larger ones in place require different offseason routines. Flexibility should be further emphasized. I am indifferent if this coach stays or goes. He should go if upgrade is available.

Defensive coaches deserve to continue as they have improved the almost same weak unit of 04.

2) Offensive Players

Quality players are needed everywhere except center. Training camp competition to decide who remains. The whole draft could be spent on offense. Not drafting and developing offensive linemen as created a huge problem. Tauscher and Clifton are peaking professionally and replacements will take time to develope. RB is a priority now but TE depth a third string QB are also needed. In 2006 at least one WR should be traded. Which one will be determined during the offseason.

3) Defensive Players-Grady Jackson will have to be replaced. An upgrade to Carroll must be found. Upgrades for Washington and Peterson are needed.

4) Special Teams Players- Longwell's a free agent in 2006. He is not going to get better than he is or was. Market value for him and length of contract make his return questionable. I don't think he is too far out of line demanding an NFL standard hold or holder. The holder issue was not addressed timely by the coaching staff. Sander is not safe and can be replaced. The Packers have a good long snapper but he continues to age and the coaching staff is not prepared should he be injured. Contingency planning means someone else should be taking some reps in preparation. Finding a "return man" only gets lip service and not serious attention.

Cap money is more plentiful in 2006. Many roster spots need new contracts. Some free agent moves will require speedy commitment. Some increased roster stabilization will occur.

Players who should be targeted for new contracts:


Players who may be frustrated in their treatment by the Packers and may decline to be re-signed are Nall and Ruegamer.

Players that the Packers may be indifferent to signing. Market forces including timing, other offers, and injury will determine future with the Packers:


Draft- I think Ted Thompson will trade down again to increase the number of players drafted looking for best available. They can be used almost everywhere.

So what am I attempting to say in my 3 part post?

The Packer problems have been coming for awhile. The new GM is addressing the problems rapidly without total destruction. The team is becoming younger and developing a new chemistry(rebuilding). The new GM is part of the solution. The Packers are not acquiring players for a 1 or 2 year run but are working for the long term success of the Packers. Expect changes in the coaching and scouting as well as players. Change can be disturbing but improvement is not. It does take time.


Jun 7, 2005
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Guadalajara, Mexico
Instead of Little I would go for Rueggamer, I can tell you that the OC MUST be out of the team and a replacement is needed, Yes Brett needs someone that has guts to face him an tell him to slow down, some of this is up for others to give their opinion but I liked it.

I also think that TT is addressing the problems as fast as posible.


Apr 23, 2005
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Allentown, PA
a nice in-depth perspective, all three posts were good...of course everyone will have their thoughts on what we should do after this season

I agree with you saying TT will trade down and get more draft picks, a very smart move considering the holes we have

main points:
Earl Little for a new contract? I've seen three packer games this year and i haven't been impressed by Little at all...Roman is improving, Collins is the real deal, Underwood should be given a chance as the 3rd safety fill in

Tony Fisher should be re-signed, still not the most elusive, or most potential-filled, but he's been around for a while, this offense is probably going to be gutted, we need at least one veteran presence...

wide reciever...when i say a position should be gutted, this is the one...Driver and Chatman back, Walker back--lets hope 100%, Ferguson has seen his best days...we need at least one more dependable target--Driver is over 30, Walker can't be counted on to be Walker circa '04...I suggest this is where we spend the most of our free agent money, I dont know who will be out there, but pick up an established wide out...and maybe spend our 2nd or 3rd round pick on a reciever also

Aaron Kampman...I'm gonna pass...I'd like to keep him around as a rotational guy...Kampman just doesn't bring the necessary pass rushing skills to free pressure from KGB, who is still a premium pass rusher...and I'll go one step further and push for the pack to draft Kiwi this april...

Antonio Chatman has proven his usefulness as a reciever, he seems to create a lot of space on routes...DEFINITELY shop for/draft a return man who will actually be a threat, but chatman has proven his worth at wide out.

Ahman Green is gone...I don't care how much his market value is down and how much less we can sign him for, he had a pretty bad leg injury...MAYBE re-sign najeh, but other than that bring some young blood in suggestion is move najeh to fullback and draft a running back somewhat high (2nd-3rd round) and maybe sign someone else to compete for our top spot... add to what i was saying, WE DO NOT NEED TO DRAFT REGGIE BUSH...good running backs come from all rounds of the draft, look at marion barber, had a breakout game for dallas, a 4th round pick...

I like the possibility of Lee as a second tight end, and eventually first...i want david martin gone

Mike Flanagan re-signed? he can't stay healthy, maybe Junius Coston will be ready for next season

I feel sorry for Ruegammer...he did a legit job filling in for flanagan last year, why he is not getting an opportunity this year is beyond me, if he wants to go elsewhere, i cant blame him

I like our special teams, definitely keep Paris Lenon around as a role player for that, but seriously, work on a new holder

...this year spells the end for na'il diggs...i'm sick of him getting hurt, Thomas, Barnett, along with a high draft pick/free agent signing/Roy Manning is not a bad LB core...there are a lot of good LB's out there this april if we dont draft d-line

...Cole and Jenkins are keepers...Washington and Peterson are not...there again FRESH BLOOD on our defensive line, i would like to see some high picks/free agent signings...I know jim bates liked our defensive line depth, he did the best he could with a not-very-impressive group, developed Cole and Jenkins, but you need at least some talent

...defensive backfield, Mike Hawkins deserves a shot this season...Ahmad Caroll is the last bad first round pick of the sherman era, maybe we could deal him...Joey Thomas, is he gonna recover from his injury...this is where we should sign someone with a little more experience, at least someone good enough to push the rooks along/be a solid nickelback...again, Earl Little must go

Coaching...ultimately i think Sherman stays...Rossley MUST GO, no arguments...


Jun 7, 2005
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Before we go down this road, I think I'll root for the Pack in games 8-16. Time to stop the run vs Steelers and get some more wins.

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