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The Blueprint on the Packers

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by rodell330, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. rodell330

    rodell330 Cheesehead

    Jun 18, 2012
    Play cover 2 and rush four. If we let a team play cover two the entire game, rush four, and stop this offensive personnel we deserve to get beat. Knowing that the Giants sat back in cover 2 80% of the game and we had just one big play in the passing game makes me sick to my stomach.

    In a cover 2 usually there are spots in the middle of the field wide open for potential big yardage and what did MM do to take advantage of this? nothing, just like he did in the Lions game. You have Cobb in the slot Finley at tightend? you should be punishing teams when they play so much cover 2. Where the heck are the screen plays? what NFL coach doesn't know how to effectively call screen plays against agressive edge rushers? especially when your o-line is struggling to block. At least slow the rush down my goodness. We can't block so heres an ideal...let's flank Finley out wide instead of leaving him in to chip and then releasing on a route? simple stuff that you don't have to be a genius to figure out when you around football.

    How many designed bootlegs did rodgers run? no not the ones where he was flushed out of the pocket and had to run but designed? best qb EVER throwing the ball on the run and he's dancing around in the pocket geting sacked. How many times did we let cobb come out the backfield and take advantage of a mismatch on a lb? i saw it once and cobb picked up like 8 yds and we never ran that play again? MM just gets downright conservative in his playcalling. Can you imagine if Sean Peyton was our head coach? or even offensive coordinator forget head coach? Heres a guy who can make in game adjustments and put guy's in position to make plays and has turned Brees into a downright stud ..... i don't care what anybody says Rodgers has better accuracy and arm talent than Brees does so imagine if MM wasn't such a wimp. Sometimes i wish MM would just stop calling the plays and let Rodgers do what Manning did so many years in Indy.
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  2. HardRightEdge

    HardRightEdge Cheesehead

    Jul 28, 2012
    We've been talking about this for several weeks now. We got an early one-on-one with Jordy for the TD; the Giants didn't show much man coverage after that, and went to some 3 safety coverages.

    From Pro Football Focus, pre-game:

    Rodgers once again leads the league this season with a 107.3 quarterback rating, but he’s also been sacked a league-high 32 times. He’s been pressured on only 25.9% of his drop-backs, but his Sack Rate of 29.5% is second-highest in the league. Rodgers is mobile and has an impressive 77.4% Accuracy Rate when under pressure, so he’s encouraged to hold on to the ball longer. However, that patience may also explain why 30 of his 32 sacks have come when he has the ball for more than 2.5 seconds.

    Put it altogether, and you get one conclusion: If a team can bring a decent 4 man rush and hang back in cover 2, we haven't had many answers. Rodgers can and has beaten those zone coverages but needs one beat past the 2.5 clock ringing.

    I'd like to point out one second half play that I have not seen commented on. It was a DB blitz coming from the offense's left side, right in front of Cobb in the slot. Rodgers went to the hot read to the spot vacated by the DB...the short out throw...while Cobb turned in to the LB coverage. Rodgers gave Cobb the two-fingers-to-the-eyes sign as if to say, "you need to watch what's going on". Even Mr. Cobb has some Route Running 101 work to do.
  3. DevilDon

    DevilDon Inclement Weather Fan

    Jan 10, 2010
    I get what you're saying Rodell but here's the problem. The Giants took that underneath stuff away. They played physical at the line. It's easy to say "pass to the underneath stuff" but it wasn't there. The Giants D-backs were jamming the Packers WRs early and often.
    Also, it's easy to say to throw to the underneath in the middle stuff but if the DLine is coming at you from all directions where's the passing lane? You have to get that ball out by tossing a looping pass? You forget that the trajectory of a short pass is flat and Rodgers is 6-2 and many Dlinemen are that tall and taller. Plus you're throwing to receivers who are not that tall. Yes, Finley is a good choice but he's not been the most reliable receiver. I'm sure if he was open he'd have seen more looks.
    You don't call offensive plays without first thinking how the other team will defend it. Just because you dial up a pass there's no reason to expect their pass rush to overwhelm the line. Lots of moving pieces to make it all work.
  4. PFanCan

    PFanCan That's MISTER Cheesehead, to you.

    Dec 18, 2009
    That was a nice play when Kuhn caught a short pass right up the middle, which was so open he ran for a half hour, it seemed. Or, the one time Cobb ran the ball for 12 yards.

    Too bad we don't see a bit more of this type of play. Watching Green run into the scrum for minimal gain on ~25% of our offensive plays is predictable and boring. But, I am sure there is a good reason for McCarthy to stick to this all season long, despite it's failings.
  5. The Rivalry

    The Rivalry Cheesehead

    Nov 26, 2012
    It seems as if MM is unwilling to concede that there are times when our pass blocking is non existent and that an adjustment has to be made immediately. The first half of the Seattle game and last night come immediately to mind. Granted, MM's scheme's and playcalling have won a SB, but it's alarming to see just how much punishment he allows Rodgers to be exposed to. FOR GOD'S SAKE---- call some designed roll-outs that allow ARod the time to go through his progressions or make a play with his feet. Not even referring to play action, but take the snap/hike and SPRINT to either hash mark. ANYTHING other than a collapsing pocket without a lane available for Rodgers to step up into. Oddly, GB has the exact personnel necessary to beat cover 2, assuming you occassionally allow Rodgers to RUN, thereby creating the threat of a running game.

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