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Stay away from ESPN and Sports Radio!

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by tromadz, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. tromadz

    tromadz Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Aug 15, 2005
    The "experts" are so bad on this black monday it hurts my stomach.

    One "expert" says he was surprised that Sherman was cut. You would think an "expert" would at least watch one packers game in 2005..

    Another "expert" said we were in a rebuilding mode. He then named our RBs heading in to next year. He said Tony Fisher, Ahman Green, and Najeh Davenport. As we all know, Ahman isn't coming back. He wants LT Money, and hes 30 and hurt. Najeh got injured again and TT wont take a chance on him(at least not in any starting role, or high paying gig), and Tony Fisher is...Tony Fisher. I hope he is Tony Fisher on another team next year. My point is, the guy didn't once mention Samkon "more than 100 yards twice before halftime with no offensive line" Gado or Noah Herron(could be a nice backup, played ok the last two games of the lost season).

    Yet another "expert" was taking about possible head coaches, and listed 3 college coaches I've never heard of. I dont follow college much, but 1. I know most of the big names, and 2. I seriously doubt our new HC will be from a college team.

    So watch out. ESPN News is killing me, and NFL Network is no better today. I wish I had Green Bay radio stations!
  2. yooperfan

    yooperfan Cheesehead

    Likes Received:
    Dec 4, 2004
    Michigans Upper Peninsula
    I listen to ESPN radio in the morning and Sporting News Radio at night just to hear SOMETHING about sports. I agree, most of these talking heads are full of sh**. They are trying to be entertainers facts be damned. They are on one side of the fence one day and on the other side the next day. Sometimes they change their tune in the middle of their 3 hour "show".
    Only when there is a fact that is not even debateable, (like Mike Sherman got fired) can you even think about taking them at their word.

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