Regular Season PFF Grades, overall, blocking, pressures....all that stuff we nerd out over...


May 2, 2012
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Alright regular season is done, figured I'd throw summary thread up with PFF grades solely for the regular season.

Couple mile-high type observations...
- We did not pass the ball often when Rhyan was in as part of that tandem guard thing we did a lot of this year second half.
- Runyan in more pass pro opps, allowed less overall pressures than Jenkins - but Jenkins didn't allow a sack this year per PFF at least.
- Lewis alone last year nearly stayed in to pass protect more than all three of our main TEs did this year together....
- I know not on the grid I share (space limited) but Carrington had the lowest miss tackle rate not named Rasul for us, and despite giving up the third most yards, dude didn't allow much in the way of YAC on average...and nearly led in PBUs, kid may be special.
- Quay is quite good at rushing the passer and making pressures...his efficiency when asked to do it is high level.
- KC was yet again just impressive as heck at interior pressure...if Brooks and truthfully Wyatt is blessed at that too...
- Speaking of above...our main 5 iDL (KC, Wyatt, Slaton, Brooks, Wooden) provided 156 pressures and 21 of our 53 Sacks as a team per PFF

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