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QB Draft?

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by mkapp, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. IPBprez

    IPBprez Cheesehead

    Dec 14, 2004
    Nall's problems.. appear to be more political (with Sherman) than anything else - Everyone saw his ethic in NFL-E... But the opinions around this Country & the League (Ego maybe?) are such that no real credit for effort is ever given to either the CFL or NFL-E... and that's the shame of it...

    (A similar scenario has been playing out now for over ten years with the NBA and the European Leagues for basketball - and to boot, the training camps which reflect "fundamentals" in and around Europe have been turning out higher quality players for some time now - up yours David Stern/Little Napoleon)

    Back to topic - Given the example just above and how we've seen many players succeed in other venues related to our NFL.. I would give Craig Nall a real chance to be the "starter" in several games this year. On top of that - pending Brett & Co can take the reins and put us up by 14 points, or more... then I'd sit Brett down to rest... probably finishing with Nall & O'Sullivan for the rest of the game... aclimate the Cheeseheads for what's about to come (next year?)... in the very near future anyway.

    Moreso to the point - I disagree with the JT statement - his successes are very very similar to the Craig Nall story. Very Simiiar! Only difference being, he was in N.O. and NOT G.B. If I was a bug in Sherman's ear --- I'd tell him to quit strappin' these guys down and take the reins off - let 'em run free for awhile - take a chance - they've got nuthin' to lose and money already invested.. might as well get some of it back. You really never know at this point - JT could be better than Craig... it has yet to be proven one way or the other.

    My QB Draft pick - if we actually do try any to begin with would be: Kyle Orton!
    You can shoot me if ya like - I don't really care - THAT's MY PICK!

    We'll soon see what TT has up his sleeve!

    One other thing - I'd have taken Barry Sanders.....
    Absolutely NO ONE knew.. what would become of Tony Mandarich / Mr. Guns & Roses on Steroids / and how he would fold like a paper napkin upon entry into the NFL... Not one person (layman) saw that one coming.. Not a one. Just the same - We needed a RB at the time - but emphasis was placed on Lineman at that time...

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