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Post 2011 CBA QB's

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers Fan Forum' started by GleefulGary, May 14, 2020.

  1. GleefulGary

    GleefulGary Cheesehead

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    Sep 9, 2017
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    So, I'm kind of stealing part of this from Justis Mosqueda, and adding some of my own thoughts. Found it pretty interesting.


    This is a list of the top QB's post 2011 CBA, when practice times, and all that good stuff, changed for the worse. We all remember McCarthy ranting about it because it hurt his QB school so much. As we can see, it seems to have had a league wide effect. There simply aren't that many great QB's. Obviously Mahomes is elite. Russel Wilson is elite, but aging. Lamar Jackson is a blast, and good, but unsure how long he can keep his athleticism? Can he adapt? I mean, out of this group the 5th best QB is arguably Dak or Kirk Cousins. Not great.

    So we're coming off of a run, of arguably the most impressive QB play we've seen. Rodgers. Brady. The Manning's (yes, even Eli). Big Ben. Rivers. And I'm sure I'm missing some.

    My point, is that with this glut of elite QB's, the position has become even more important than ever. If you can find, and develop one, you have a huge advantage. Even with a high salary, it's a huge advantage. If Gute and Co truly thought Love could be one of those QB's, it is without a doubt worth the cost. Is it likely? No. But fortune favors the bold.

    TL;DR: The QB position is even more important than before with the majority of pre CBA QB's reaching retirement age.
  2. I've been over this ground before a couple of times with lists of names, etc., but I'll add some color here:

    1) Note that 11 of 26 in that list were taken from the 2nd. round on down.

    2) That list is just the "good" ones, the top Adjusted Yards Per Attempt guys drafted since 2011 if I'm reading that right and if that is what actually constitutes "good". The following QBs taken in the top 52 (Kizer's spot) since 2011 did not even make that list. Their draft years and draft positions are noted.

    Daniel Jones, 2019, #6
    Dwayne Haskins, 2019, #15
    Drew Lock, 2019, #42

    Sam Darnold, 2018, #3
    Josh Allen, 2018, #7
    Josh Rosen, 2018, #10

    DeShone Kizer, 2017, #52

    Paxton Lynch, 2016, #26
    Christian Hackenberg, 2016, #51

    Blake Bortles, 2014, #3
    Johnny Manziel, 2014, #22

    E.J. Manuel, 2013, #16
    Geno Smith, 2013, #39

    Brandon Weedon, 2012, #22

    Jack Locker, 2011, #8
    Blaine Gabbert, 2011, #8
    Christian Ponder, 2011, #12

    More busted QBs from #53 on down can be found here:


    3) The elimination of QB camps may be a minor consideration in hitting on a franchise QB compared to the proliferation of college spread/option offenses in their various forms over the last decade. What may look good in those schemes may not translate to a pro style offense. In fact, there may be players who would make fine pro style QBs who didn't get to play and be developed in college or switched to a different position at some point, maybe even in high school. There are top QB picks who come into this league who never took a snap from under center in their lives, and that's not the half of it.

    4) Every GM who takes a QB in the first round thinks he's worth the cost. Actually, he should be thinking he's worth more than his cost if he's expected to start while on his rookie contract. In fact, it's axiomatic that every GM thinks every pick he makes regardless of position is worth that cost, but I digress.

    5) QB busts are kinda like career ending injuries. If they're not your guys they are quickly forgotten so the frequency of those things happening tends to be underestimated unless you go looking for them.

    6) Fortune may or may not favor the bold Gutekunst. In most of these cases it's more a matter of having no other choice.
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