Philbin staying put, Rodgers knows the game, '72 Dolphins and other news

Travis Duncan

Sep 2, 2011
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Tulane University reportedly contacted Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin about the school's head coaching position.

Philbin said "I really don't have anything to say, other than that there is no substance to it, I've got a great job where I'm at."

At the rate the Packers offense is producing, Philbin might find himself inline for an NFL head coaching position in the not too distant future (some feel he's a candidate now). Either way it's hard to imagine a more gratifying coaching job than doing so for this Packer's offense and Philbin said as much when he was asked about the report.

-Aaron Rodgers realizes that his name attached to any Skip Bayless Tweet or commentary on ESPN's First Take, is simply to spur conversation, attract viewers and thus benefit ESPN and Skip Bayless. Rodgers is pretty wise to the game that is NFL PR and quite blunt for guy who many consider league's best player.

Rodgers said on his radio show this week, "I just think it just goes to the point that you can’t take a whole lot of what those people say too personally because they’re shock experts on ESPN and NFL Network. A lot of them are just going for the shock value of what they’re saying, as is typified by that guy on ESPN, I don’t want to even say his name. He works for “First Take.”

“All he does is say things that are so ridiculous just for the shock value. So everybody who was saying stuff about our team this offseason about not getting together for workouts, there hasn’t been a lot of talk about that. The different people who said stuff about whatever player they are talking about over the years, I think sometimes people forget about the human element to our story.” “We take stuff personally at times. We get upset if somebody says something real negative about us, but more than that, our families do, our friends do, and they feel like they need to tell you. So, I think that stuff just reminds you that you can’t take yourself too seriously, and you can’t take the pundits too seriously.”

Bayless responded on Twitter that he would like Rodgers to visit the set of First Take, ala Ochocinco, for a debate.

-The Packers much maligned pass defense, which has given up a ton of yardage, also leads the league in interceptions. The Packers' 17 interceptions lead the NFL. They are two better than the Buffalo Bills who are ranked No. 2 with 15 picks.

-Former Packers player and coach Forrest Gregg told The Associated Press he's been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The 78-year old coached the Packers from 1984-87.
His playing career with the Packers spanned from 1956-1970.

-Those '72 Dolphins always seem to find themselves back in the spotlight every NFL season or so. That's probably not a coincidence as a few members of that team make it their life's work to keep the memory alive and the champagne flowing. With the Packers 9-0 and poised to finish out strong, the usual suspects are keeping a close watch on Green Bay.

Chris Tomasson of FoxSports Florida spoke with Dolphin alum Mercury Morris who said he actually likes the Packers (as opposed to the Patriots team in 2007 which he despises). He told Tomasson "If they get to 10-0, which they probably will, I'm going to send [quarterback] Aaron Rodgers one of my CDs."

-Defensive end Mike Neal says he's ready to return to the field and play for the first time this season since suffering an offseason knee injury.

Neal told the Green Bay Press Gazette "Am I ready to play? I feel I’m ready to play, but I’m not a doctor. Doctor knows more than I do and the trainers know more than I do. They can look at film and tell whether or not they feel I’m ready to go. I feel like I’m ready to play. If they activate me this week, I’m playing.”

-Left tackle Chad Clifton could be healthy in time to play the Giants, reports Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Clifton has been out since Oct. 9 after suffering a hamstring injury against the Falcons.

-Former Packer Johnny Jolly spoke with ESPN's Outside the Lines regarding his codeine addiction. Jolly, who remains suspended by the NFL, says that codeine was his only friend.

-Mike McCarthey was the webcam guest of Brian Billick's CoachSpeak this week for Fox Sports. Have a listen below:

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