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Packers Salary Cap

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by Zero2Cool, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Zero2Cool

    Zero2Cool I own a website

    Dec 11, 2004
    The Green Bay Packers have 114 players who count against their adjusted 2004 salary cap of $80,490,610. The list includes 68 players under contract (eight are on the practice squad) and 46 who have been released. Those no longer on the team are marked by an asterisk. Based on NFL Players Association data, here is a list of the Packers' 2004 cap salaries, from top to bottom:

    Brett Favre, QB $9,543,333
    Darren Sharper, S 5,834,732
    Ahman Green, RB 4,884,300
    Marco Rivera, G 3,927,400
    Mike McKenzie, CB 3,925,735
    Chad Clifton, T 3,203,166
    Mike Wahle, G 2,976,100
    Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, DE 2,927,028
    Mike Flanagan, C 2,609,100
    Na'il Diggs, LB 2,063,500
    Cletidus Hunt, DT 1,950,700
    Ryan Longwell, K 1,901,000
    Javon Walker, WR 1,626,500
    Al Harris, CB 1,600,000
    Robert Ferguson, WR 1,494,850
    Donald Driver, WR 1,437,766
    Jamal Reynolds*, DE 1,301,400
    William Henderson, FB 1,233,600
    Joe Johnson*, DE 1,083,332
    Mark Tauscher, T 1,124,485
    Bubba Franks, TE 1,003,000
    Ahmad Carroll, CB 975,000
    Grady Jackson, DT 927,666
    Nick Barnett, LB 927,071
    Hannibal Navies, LB 785,266
    Nick Luchey, FB 734,433
    Mark Roman, S 727,200
    Grey Ruegamer, C 681,466
    Torrance Marshall, LB 632,700
    David Martin, TE 629,800
    Bhawoh Jue, S 629,400
    Michael Hawthorne, CB 625,300
    Tim Couch*, QB 625,000
    Steve Bush, TE 480,000
    Rob Davis, LS 475,200
    Kenny Peterson, DT 474,300
    Doug Pederson, QB 456,000
    Najeh Davenport, RB 456,834
    Bryan Barker, P 455,000
    Brad Bedell, T 455,000
    Chukie Nwokorie*, DE 446,400
    Aaron Kampman, DE 422,234
    Craig Nall, QB 416,000
    Joey Thomas, CB 410,000
    Paris Lenon, LB 385,100
    Kevin Barry, T 383,600
    James Whitley, S 383,200
    Tony Fisher, RB 383,100
    R-Kal Truluck, DE 380,000
    Nick Rogers, LB 380,000
    B.J. Sander, P 375,906
    James Lee, NT 349,450
    Donnell Washington, DT 312,500
    Antonio Chatman, WR 311,900
    Gilbert Brown*, NT 300,000
    Chris Johnson, CB 269,106
    Steve Morley, G 265,333
    Corey Williams, DE 254,000
    Cullen Jenkins, DT 232,200
    Jason Horton, CB 232,000
    Sean McHugh, TE 230,000
    Ben Steele, TE 221,971
    Brennan Curtin, T 169,783
    Shockmain Davis, WR 150,000
    Marques Anderson*, S 140,634
    Bryant Westbrook*, S 137,500
    Ja'Dae McGuire, DE 135,000
    Scott Wells, C 100,916
    Atlas Herrion, T 77,283
    Vonta Leach, FB 76,450
    Kelvin Kight, WR 73,950
    Julius Curry, S 73,950
    Andrae Thurman, WR 73,950
    Walter Williams, RB 70,800
    Colin Cole, DT 69,600
    Hunter Hillenmeyer*, LB 68,000
    Eric Powell*, DE 29,123
    Steve Josue*, LB 16,817
    DeAndrew Rubin*, WR 16,667
    Forest Vance*, G 14,166
    Scott McBrien*, QB 12,866
    Carl Ford*, WR 12,716
    Scottie Vines*, WR 12,700
    Karsten Bailey*, WR 12,500
    Mitch White*, G 8,200
    David Porter*, G 7,334
    Devin Lewis*, WR 7,200
    Earl Cochran*, DE 6,866
    Larry Smith*, NT 6,800
    Keith Burnell*, CB 6,667
    Travis Dorsch*, P 5,500
    James Broyles*, G 5,200
    Frank Rice*, WR 5,100
    Tommy Collins*, TE 5,000
    Maurice Jones*, LB 5,000
    Dahrran Diedrick*, RB 4,700
    Quintus Cumby*, S 4,667
    Joe Hayes*, G 4,000
    Marcus Wilkins*, LB 3,500
    Kevin Jackson*, LB 3,000
    Keith Willis*, TE 2,500
    Armegis Spearman*, LB 2,300
    Kris Briggs*, FB 2,000
    Dave Moretti*, LB 2,000
    Nathan Chapman*, P 2,000
    Chris Watson*, CB 2,000
    Calvin Carlyle*, CB 1,500
    Curtis Fuller*, S 1,400
    Junior Glymph*, DE 1,250
    Jason Jimenez*, T 1,200
    Eric Crouch*, S 1,200
    Tony Donald*, TE 800
    Chris Shreve*, WR 500
    Travis Hale*, P 400

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