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Jul 17, 2005
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I want to see Lynch or Ginn in a Packer uniform, so I like this scenario. :packbeer: I also think the Raiders will end up taking Johnson over Russell. Mock Draft – v2.0

By Bob Fox
[email protected]
Posted Mar 19, 2007's Bob Fox predicts which players will be selected in the first round of April's NFL draft.

The 2007 NFL draft is less than six weeks away, and a lot of things can happen between now and then that will impact the draft. Case in point, the Randy Moss to Green Bay trade rumors. If that happens, and I believe it will, then the Oakland Raiders might go in a completely different direction compared to the present scenario. Anyway, here is my best read on how the first round might go:

1) Oakland Raiders - WR Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech)
Johnson is a freak with his size, speed and athleticism. He is without a doubt the best player in the draft. With Moss traded, this makes sense. A QB can be taken later in the draft or acquired via a trade or free agency. Al Davis has never been one to wait for players to develop, especially quarterbacks. He wants to win now and Johnson can be a stud from day one.

2) Detroit Lions- QB JaMarcus Russell (LSU)
One never knows with Matt Millen. He has been scorched with first round picks recently. Joey Harrington didn't work out and Jon Kitna is a stop gap QB. Russell is a strong armed QB that has great size. He also didn't help himself at the combine looking a bit like the Pillsbury doughboy. But film doesn't lie and Russell should be the real deal in the NFL.

3) Cleveland Browns - QB Brady Quinn (Notre Dame)
Most think the Browns may go RB here. But Charlie Frye is probably not the answer at QB for the Browns. Quinn is a Ohio native that has nice skills and is very mentally in tune with the game. The Browns did sign Jamal Lewis from Baltimore to hold down the fort for awhile at RB as well.

4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT Joe Thomas (Wisconsin)
The Bucs have multiple needs, but can't turn down this opportunity. Thomas will be the Tampa Bay LT for at least a decade and he will be in Hawaii many times. The Bucs could opt for a defensive lineman here, but Thomas has been compared to Tony Boselli and Jonathan Ogden. Enough said.

5) Arizona Cardinals - DE Gaines Adams (Clemson)
The Cardinals were hoping that Thomas would fall to them, but they will happily take Adams. Adams by far is the best DE in the draft and he will make an instant impact in Arizona with his ability to rush the passer. Needs to bulk up a bit more vs. the run.

6) Washington Redskins - DT Allen Branch (Michigan)
The Redskins could not stop the run last year and need someone to be at the point of attack. Branch can do that with his great size. He is very powerful and is a space eater. Branch made it difficult for anybody to run on Michigan last year.

7) Minnesota Vikings - DE Jamaal Anderson (Arkansas)
The Vikings were hoping that someone like Quinn would have fallen to them. Anderson is the best player on the board and he fills a need. He also has great size and speed and can rush the passer and play the run with equal effectiveness. Anderson had a big game vs. Wisconsin in the 2007 Capital One Bowl.

8) Houston Texans - DT Amobi Okoye (Louisville)
The Texans would probably have picked a RB here if not for the signing of Ahman Green. Okoye will instantly help the Texan defense and also help turn loose DE Mario Williams. Okoye is an explosive pass rusher that will help his teammates escape double teams. Plays the run effectively as well.

9) Miami Dolphins - S LaRon Landry (LSU)
The Dolphins were another team hoping that a QB might fall to them. However, Landry is a solid pick-up. Miami also drafted a safety in the first round last year, but Jason Allen was disappointing. Landry won't disappoint as he is a guy that just makes plays and is solid in both the passing and running game.

10) Atlanta Falcons - S Reggie Nelson (Florida)
Here comes a run at the safety position. The Falcons need help in the secondary, and the ball hawking Nelson is a perfect fit. He has great coverage skills, plays the run well, and can also play either safety position.

11) San Francisco 49ers - CB Leon Hall (Michigan)
Hall is a physical corner that will make an immediate impact in the 49er secondary. Head coach Mike Nolan is a defense first type of coach and he knows that one can never have enough good cover people in today's NFL.

12) Buffalo Bills - RB Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)
The Bills are ecstatic that Peterson has fallen into their laps to replace the traded Willis McGahee. Peterson is an explosive RB that is a game changer, but also has had some injury issues throughout his career at Oklahoma. That's one reason he dropped to the Bills.

13) St. Louis Rams - DE Adam Carriker (Nebraska)
The Rams' DE Leonard Little isn't getting any younger and Carriker's stock is rising, especially after his performance at the combine and Senior Bowl. Carriker has excellent size and is relentless as his motor is constantly running.

14) Carolina Panthers - LB Patrick Willis (Mississippi)
The Panthers are very pleased to pick up a MLB like Willis here. Current MLB Dan Morgan has had concussion problems recently and head coach John Fox knows that every defense needs a strong presence in the middle. Willis is very strong against the run, but needs to improve in pass coverage.

15) Pittsburgh Steelers - LB Paul Posluszny (Penn State)
Talk about a perfect marriage. The Steelers need an OLB after losing Joey Porter. Posluszny is a perfect fit. The Steelers are rich in tradition at the linebacker position, as is Penn State. Posluszny proved that he belonged with the best ever at Penn State and he will prove it in the steel city as well.

16) Green Bay Packers - RB Marshawn Lynch (California)
I am making this pick assuming the Moss trade has taken place or will take place. Otherwise, all the WR options would be in play here. However, with the loss of Green in free agency, the Packers can pick up a RB that would excel in their zone blocking scheme. Lynch is a powerful back who makes big plays. He also caught the ball out of the backfield very well his senior year. Whether the Moss trade is made or not, the Packers will think long and hard about Ted Ginn Jr. here as well.

17) Jacksonville Jaguars- WR/KR Ted Ginn Jr. (Ohio State)
The Jags need to upgrade their wide receiver corp and Ginn will definitely stretch the field. Ginn has world class speed, but needs to polish his overall receiving skills. Ginn will also make an immediate impact in the Jacksonville return game that already is pretty good.

18) Cincinnati Bengals - DT DeMarcus Tyler (NC State)
The Bengals need help in the interior of their defensive line and Tyler will fill this need quite well. Tyler really improved in his senior year and has the size to plug up the middle. Tyler not only plays the run well, but also gets consistent pressure on the QB.

19) Tennessee Titans - DE Charles Johnson (Georgia)
The Titans had a woeful pass rush last year and had only 26 sacks. Johnson can help be a bookend to DE Kyle Vanden Bosch. Johnson plays the run very well. He needs to improve his pass rushing skills, but that ability is apparent. The athleticism is there for Johnson to become a very solid DE.

20) New York Giants - OLB Lawrence Timmons (FSU)
The Giants have some holes to fill at the linebacker position. Timmons is a great value here. Timmons plays the run well and also has pass rushing skills. He also has excellent speed with the ability to go from sideline to sideline.

21) Denver Broncos- CB Aaron Ross (Texas)
The Broncos have a need at the CB position after the tragic death of Darrent Williams. Ross plays the pass very well and has nice closing speed. He needs to improve his tackling skills, but overall is very heady defensive back that will always be around the ball.

22) Dallas Cowboys - G Jason Blalock (Texas)
The Cowboys need to address this situation as G Marco Rivera is showing signs of breaking down. Rivera recently had a second surgery to repair a herniated disc. Dallas knows all about Blalock, who played nearby at Texas. Blalock has excellent size and is very explosive. He is very solid in the running game, but needs to improve pass blocking skills.

23) Kansas City Chiefs - WR Dwayne Jarrett (USC)
The Chiefs definitely need to upgrade their wide receiver corp. Jarrett, although he is not a speedster, is definitely a playmaker. Jarrett was a TD machine at USC, scoring 41 touchdowns in his career there. Jarrett has excellent size and will be a big red zone threat.

24) New England Patriots - S Brandon Meriweather (Miami)
No team has been more active in free agency than the Patriots. Bill Belichick knows that the Pats need to solidify the defense, and Meriweather is a perfect addition. Current safety Rodney Harrison is 34 years old and becoming injury prone. Meriweather would bring a very solid overall game to the safety position, as he plays the run and pass equally well.

25) New York Jets - CB Daymeion Hughes (California)
The Jets have issues at CB. Hughes can help out because he has exceptional ball skills. Hughes is a very instinctive player that seems to always be glued to his receiver. He needs to improve his run support skills however.

26) Philadelphia Eagles - DE Jarvis Moss (Florida)
The Eagles need to address the DE position. Philly is getting old at that position and Moss would add great athleticism to the position. Moss has excellent speed around the corner and can also sneak underneath to sack a QB. Moss needs to add more bulk to play the run better.

27) New Orleans Saints - CB Chris Houston (Arkansas)
The Saints desperately need a bookend cornerback opposite Mike McKenzie. It was the Saints' achilles heal last year on defense. Houston is a very physical corner that can effectively jam wide receivers. He needs to become more consistent, but the ability is there.

28) New England Patriots - OLB Jon Beason (Miami)
The Patriots upgrade their defense again with another Hurricane. Beason will help offset the lack of LB depth for the Pats. Beason is very fast and has the skills to get down the line quickly. He needs to improve his pass coverage skills, but has ability there because of his speed. Can play inside or outside.

29) Baltimore Ravens - CB Darrelle Revis (Pitt)
The Ravens need a cornerback to bookend across from Chris McAlister. Current starter Samari Rolle has had issues in coverage. Revis can upgrade the position because of his excellent size and his field awareness. He is also a good punt returner.

30) San Diego Chargers - WR Dwayne Bowe (LSU)
The Chargers are a very solid team, but they have some issues at the wide receiver position. Bowe will instantly upgrade that concern because of his excellent size and quickness. Bowe also has excellent leaping skills that will lend itself well in the red zone.

31) Chicago Bears - S Aaron Rouse (Virginia Tech)
The Bears are all about defense and this pick will only strengthen that case. The Bears were never the same defensively after S Mike Brown went down with an injury. Rouse has excellent size and speed and is always around the football.

32) Indianapolis Colts - OLB Rufus Alexander (Oklahoma)
The Colts have a glaring need at OLB after losing Cato June in free agency. Alexander is an undersized OLB that uses his speed to fill holes quickly and to get outside. Alexander is a dangerous blitzer that also excels in coverage.

Bob Fox is a frequent contributor to E-mail him at [email protected].


Jul 30, 2006
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22) Dallas Cowboys - G Jason Blalock (Texas)
The Cowboys need to address this situation as G Marco Rivera is showing signs of breaking down. Rivera recently had a second surgery to repair a herniated disc. Dallas knows all about Blalock, who played nearby at Texas. Blalock has excellent size and is very explosive. He is very solid in the running game, but needs to improve pass blocking skills.

Totally off subject but ..........

This is the second or third time that I have read comments to that effect. That was also mentioned as a reason that Dallas signed Davis from AZ -- possibly to move him to guard.

Maybe it was not such a bad idea to let him go instead of paying for a player that may be looking at retirement.


Apr 14, 2005
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Citrus Heights CA
Bob Fox the well known expert actually expects that silly hoax about Randy Moss to take place??

The first round is easy. Doing the a three round picks is harder. Beyond that near impossible to be close to the actual.

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