Owner's Meeting Cancelled


Dec 15, 2004
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Lambeau Midwest
Updated: Sep. 1, 2005, 5:31 PM ET
Without labor progress, NFL cancels owners meeting

By Len Pasquarelli

Citing a lack of progress in discussions aimed at an extension of the league's collective bargaining agreement, the NFL has canceled an owners meeting scheduled for Sept. 13-14 in Atlanta.

League vice president of public relations Greg Aiello confirmed the cancellation, which was first reported by Bloomberg News.

The meeting was to have been the third in a series of sessions called for by commissioner Paul Tagliabue as the NFL wrestles with two critical issues: the extension of the labor pact with players and revenue sharing among owners. The NFL has tentatively scheduled a meeting for Oct. 6 in Detroit.

ESPN.com reported last week in its "Tip Sheet" column that several owners, sensing a lack of momentum on the two issues, had suggested that Tagliabue cancel last month's meeting in Chicago. That two-day meeting took place, but there was little progress.

Without a CBA extension, owners face the prospect of a so-called "uncapped year" for the 2007 season. The other matter of concern is the increasing disparity between the revenues generated by some teams at the top and bottom of league finances.


This means that Jerry Jones & Co will have to wait awhile before they start discussing the removal of "equal" TV Revenue sharing between the teams... Something that Jerry Jones is definitely for the removal of... He figures it costs him out of pocket money every year. Jones would rather the NFL was structured more like the NBA, or MLB - meaning that MAJOR Cities would garner the lion share of the profit margin simply by being a larger market share... and letting places like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville and yes... GREEN BAY ...have a part of that should be changed to reflect a more pure capitalistic endeavor...

Now, I'm all about being a capitalist.. and not a communist... so this can be very argumentative - but ya gotta admit, with equal TV Revenue sharing amongst the NFL - it has proven itself to be the greatest arrangement in Sports since the former Cleveland Brown's Owner introduced that angle to the NFL.... ever.

All other Sports, especially Baseball, have fallen by the way side in favor of this option with regards to money... It causes the Sport to be fair & balanced and all markets gain from the setup. Jerry Jones will go down in infamy if he strips the NFL of "equal TV revenue sharing"....

We'll see.....


Mar 24, 2005
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Boston, MA
I like the revenue sharing. I couldn't imagine the major games on tv being the Cowboys, Giants, Bears or 49ers every week.