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Jul 23, 2012
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First year in a completely different system, where Pettine was working to change the culture, of course there are going to be hiccups along the way. No one expected the Packers to come flying out of the gates holding teams to 15 points a game.

But it is absolutely undeniable that the defense got better as the season progressed. The numbers tell that story. There were several games that the Packers lost that they should've won, and it's because the offense couldn't bail out the defense for a change.

It should have been expected for it to take more than one offseason for Pettine to remove the stink of Dom Capers. Using the eye test, I don't see how ANYONE could argue that the defense wasn't improved.

There have been several successful defensive coordinators during their first season with a new team, Dom Capers being one of them with the Packers in 2009 with the defense improving from 22nd in points allowed to seventh that season.

I agree the offense was partly to blame for the team struggling last season but there's no reason to consider the defense significantly improved.

I’m concerned about MLF’s comments about a lack of urgency in camp. He has time to turn that around, but I was surprised.

It seems that MLF made those comments at the right time as according to him the offense responded well to it during yesterday's practice.

I hope i'm wrong, but again Detroit for some reason just bothers me. It's like they're going to be that bad itch that you can't get to. They've always been a pest as well as their fanbase as a whole. They're like the baby brother in the family that thinks they're ready to take on the older sibling only to get knocked upside the head and running back with their tails between their legs. And when they do get lucky and get a cheap shot in (a rare win in this case) they run around bragging like they're the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Well, the Lions have won four straight games vs. the Packers though.

And the defense's job only becomes impossible when you got the league's worst offense on the other side unable to rack up any big plays or keep drives alive.

Geez, the offense struggled at times but still finished significantly higher than the defense in points scored last season.

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