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Jan 1, 2006
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Player Photo Ingle Martin
Height: 6-2
Weight: 219
40 Speed: 4.64*
Position: Quarterback
College: Furman
Final Grade: G 6.2

GM JR Scouting LLC Grading Scale/Key


Martin is a very interesting prospect because, other than the ideal height, he has all the physical tools to be a good starting quarterback in the NFL. He started his college career at Florida and transferred to Furman, where he became their starting quarterback (and starting punter) and carried their offense on his back. He is going to have to adjust to the huge jump in talent from Furman to the NFL, but will also need to get used to playing in more common NFL offenses where he will have to line up under center which he did not do at Furman very often. He has the quick feet to set-up and get rid of the ball quickly and, when he strides into his throws, he shows the ability to make deep throws with very good zip and accuracy. He is going to need time to make the adjustment to the NFL, but he is the perfect small-school prospect and will eventually develop into a good NFL starter. He will need at least a season or two as a backup, and may be best suited to going to NFL Europe for a season to get re-acquainted with playing in games when he has to lineup under center.
Size Athletic Ability Strength Competes Play Speed
5.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 7.0


Martin is a very athletic quarterback who has consistently shown the ability to avoid pressure/sacks, buy second chances and make plays on the move (with his arm or legs). He has very good arm strength and, when he strides into throws, he can make all the throws with very good zip and accuracy. He has a quick and compact release to get rid of the ball very quickly which helps him to hit his "Hot" receiver on quick passes vs. the blitz. When he gets out of the pocket, he has shown the ability to throw very accurately on the move when he puts zip on his throws.


Martin produced at a much lower level of football after being unable to win a starting job at Florida, so you have to wonder about his ability to compete in the NFL. He has a tendency to lose focus and tries to rush his passes at times, and it leads to him not striding into passes, throwing flat footed and losing zip and accuracy on medium/deep routes. While he throws very accurate touch pass in the pocket, he is not as accurate on the move when he does not put zip on his throws.

Grade Category Comments/Description
6.0 Technique He has very good technique at times, but when he loses focus, his footwork gets sloppy and it hinders his passing.
6.5 Arm Strength He has the strong arm to make all the throws, but when he does not stride into throws, he struggles
7.0 Convert Pct. He consistently stepped up and made the important play when it mattered most.
6.5 2nd Lives His quick feet and athletic ability help him to avoid sacks, buy a second chance and make plays on the move.
6.5 Accuracy Short in Pocket He consistently makes the short throw accurately -- he gets rid of the ball quickly and hits his spots.
6.0 Accuracy Long in Pocket He can be excellent when he strides into his throws, but loses accuracy when he does not stride into them.
7.0 Accuracy on the Move He is very accurate throwing on the move when he puts zip on his passes.
6.5 Big Plays He consistently steps up and makes big plays -- he can make the deep touch throw with very good accuracy.
6.0 Under Pressure He usually does a very good job vs. the blitz, but when he rushes throws and does not stride into them, he loses accuracy.
6.0 Leadership/Poise On the sideline during games, he showed a willingness to speak up and take charge of the offense.
6.5 Read Defenses He reads the defense well to make his pre-snap calls and can consistently find the spots the blitzer vacated.
6.5 Big Errors He does not force passes when in the pocket, but he can't risk making the same throws back across the field that he did at Furman.

ATHLETIC ABILITY Section Grade: 6.5

Martin is a very good athlete which is what allowed him to be so productive both throwing and running with the ball. He has very quick feet and consistently has shown the ability to make big plays scrambling with the ball. His quick feet also show up in his ability to set-up and stride into throws quickly to get rid of the ball fast -- his quick hands also give him a quick and compact delivery/release. He rolled out a lot at Furman and showed good body control, coordination and agility re-setting his feet on the move and making strong and accurate throws outside of the pocket. His athleticism enables him to avoid sacks and buy a second chance in the rare situation where the defense gets pressure on the quarterback in Furman's pass-happy offense.
Q.A.B. Quick Feet C.O.D. Flexibility Coordination
6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 6.5

COMPETITIVENESS Section Grade: 6.5

Ingle has shown toughness standing strong in the pocket, waiting until right before he gets hit to make accurate throws. He has consistently stepped up and made the big plays when they mattered most to converting key downs into first downs -- he showed the ability to convert by making plays with his arm or legs. His overall production has been very good and much of his success can be traced to his consistently accurate throws. He has shown the ability to get rid of the ball very quickly and can make all the throws with accuracy and zip -- he especially shows good touch on deep passes. He does a good job of reading the defense and identifying the blitz which helps him to consistently get the ball into the correct receiver's hands. He was basically a very productive quarterback, but at times he was not as consistent -- when he did not stride into throws, his medium/deep passes tended to flutter a little and he occasionally threw back across the field which will get him killed in the NFL. He has shown a commitment to the team by consistently competing at the highest level and always was willing to run aggressively with the ball to gain extra yards. While on the field, he competed to the highest level to succeed, but it's always a concern me when a player transfers from a major football program (Florida) to a smaller school to become a starter -- it makes you wonder if he is going to deal well with being a backup in the NFL while he tries to work his way up to being a starter or will he just fold up and quit.
Toughness Clutch Play Production Consistency Team Player Pride/Quit
6.0 7.0 6.5 6.0 6.0 6.5

MENTAL ALERTNESS Section Grade: 6.0

Martin is a very smart young man who definitely learns football well -- he consistently reads the defense pre-snap well and has a quick and compact delivery/release. He has very good instincts which combine with his quick feet and athletic ability so that he can create something out of nothing when the play breaks down. He generally does a good job of staying focused, but occasionally he loses his focus and does not stride into throws aggressively and when he doesn't, his passes tend to flutter and lack good zip.
Learn/Retain Instincts/Reactions Concentration
6.5 6.5 5.5


Martin has good size for a quarterback, but is slightly shorter than ideal at just over 6-2, but he is definitely well-built at nearly 220 pounds. While he has been a durable player at Furman, you always have concerns about players from small schools being able to maintain their durability after the huge jump to the NFL -- he does have a little advantage in this area having started his college career at Florida. He is an explosive player for a quarterback -- he has an explosive burst running with the ball to make big plays and when he strides into throws, the ball shoots out of his hand with zip and burst. He has very good playing strength for a quarterback and has shown the ability to make strong and accurate throws while defenders are grabbing and pulling at him.
Body Type Durability Explosion Play Strength
5.5 5.0 6.5 6.5

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