New AudioVideo interviews from Friday Mini Camp


Aug 16, 2005
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There are a lot of interesting things said

-A-rod said the defensive intensity was very high, and that they are great. In mini camp 1, 2 weeks ago the offense was superior, but today the defense was money. Arod said there are a lot more 1-on-1s with players and coaches(which is good).

-ben taylor said coach sanders is an "in your face" guy, so lets stop the "hes not jim bates, sanders is passive, he doesnt get in your face" crap. He says sanders is in your face when you screw up, and patting you on the back if you do good( Yeah hes not Bates, but hes in your face, and the defense looks good.

-Kevin Barry says he feels good and will lose the weight, and that that isnt a problem at all, so look for him to fight very hard for the RG job.

-colledge said hes familiar with the zone blocking, and is more comfortable and in better shape than last camp. he said this isnt extra curricular activities, this is his life, and that he will do what he does to help the team. Colledge will be the starting LG....

-Greg Jennings said "it really hasnt been that tough" which is a good sign, id say. said hes getting more comfortable as well(thats what most of the players are saying).

-Scott wells really likes the zone blocking, said it hurts the linebackers, confuses them. Says he did it in college, and likes it. He says Colledge looks good, and is still adjusting to LG, but has "come a long way" and will be an "exceptional player." He says theres a lot more communication at the line

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