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Feb 22, 2011
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Positives: He’s young (24) and he’s due to be paid $896K this season. He’s got three years of NFL experience. And he used this phrase correctly: "I know, as well as everyone else knows, that I can play some football," Kendricks said. "The proof's in the pudding. The rest, I can't control." ;)

Negatives: The price: I’d fall off my chair if Thompson paid a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him because if he did, the only way that would make sense would be sign him to a long-term deal since his current deal expires at the end of this season. The combination of a high pick, the cap space, and cash makes him joining the Packers very unlikely IMO.


And he used this phrase correctly: "The proof's in the pudding....
The correct usage, if one must insist on serving pudding, is "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" as you well know. I would concede that the usage quoted would be acceptable if we were talking about somebody where the eating part is a given, such as with Raji. Alternatively, if the Sumo wrestler belly fat were affectionately referred to as "the pudding", the usage sans the eating would make perfect sense. ;)
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I just saw this and wondered if we possibly take a look at him once we hit camp and the results may not be what we were hoping....

It says they were looking for a 2nd at the draft, I have to assume that price will come down as we get closer to the season. Thoughts?

I would be excited to get Mychal Kendricks after he had a breakout season in 2014. But as TJV correctly pointed out the price will be way too steep for the Packers to acquire him.

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