My Last Rant in Favour of Brett (this year)


Sep 23, 2005
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I like many have watched Brett's interviews and followed the news but I can't get a handle on if he has decided one way or the other. I really believe that he has not decided yet but may be leaning towards retirement. I write this as I listen to his last interview where Brett is answering questions about his "possible" retirement and the more I listen the more I believe that the major reason that we will have to wait for Brett's decision this season, ( just like the last ) is that Brett is so much of a perfectionist that he wants to make sure that he is not only ready to give 110% to the team but also that his pride will not allow him to come back just for the money and that he is still wanted.

Brett is a class act and the Irony here is that some fans ( including myself) would be happy if he gave us a "quick yes" every year, when in fact it his the time it takes him to make the yearly decision that shows us how much he really cares about what is best for the team.

Very Ironic if you think about it ( because he wants to make sure he can give 110% and takes his time to make this important decision every year we criticize him for it).

"End of an Era" maybe. We seem to live more and more in a throw away society these days.

There are no more "eras" left. For an analogy,**** Jagger once stated that if the Rolling Stones had started in this decade they would never have made it as a super group.

In two and a half hours our "super group" may come to an end and we won't really know why but we won't have another.