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Moss - Clash of the Titans or Crash of the Titans?

Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by ilovemypackers, Nov 4, 2010.

By ilovemypackers on Nov 4, 2010 at 6:50 AM
  1. ilovemypackers

    ilovemypackers Cheesehead

    Sep 28, 2010
    Just a final note on Randy Moss and I'll move on.

    We've all heard the news that the Tennessee Titans claimed Moss off waivers Wednesday. Good news for Packers fans, as we won't have to endure the constant media barrage of Vikings/Favre/Moss news anymore. And with Moss back in the AFC, we won't need to worry about his decision to "play when he wants to play", unless by chance we meet the Titans in the Super Bowl this year. (It's a stretch, but I guess there's always a possibility.)

    Many analysts say the Titans under Jeff Fischer is a good fit, he's the kind of coach Randy needs. I'm not sure that even Jeff will be able to wrangle Moss in, but hey, if he wants to give it a shot, okay. He's had plenty of warning, I'm sure he's weighed the pro's and con's. It's hard for me to come up with a plus on the pro side, but I've never been a huge fan.

    The Titans breakout WR Kenny Britt was injured last week. This week they are on a bye. It remains to be seen if Moss will be productive. I would think that being passed over by 21 NFL teams before being picked up by the Titans would be a wake up call, but it's Randy Moss we're talking about, I don't think he really gives a <bleep>.


Discussion in 'Packer Articles' started by ilovemypackers, Nov 4, 2010.

    1. Kitten
      Love that title, LOL!!! Crash of the Titans! I was sorry to hear about Kenny Britt, he looked flat out awesome in the games I saw. As for Moss, all we have to do is sit back and watch as the Titans self destruct. I really can't understand how these teams don't learn from the past. I guess they are hoping to be the team where Moss settles down and leads his team to an SB. But if I were the Titans fans I'd save my receipt for the Moss jerseys.
    2. ilovemypackers
      Lol! True! and all those fools that went out and spent $80 on purple #84's...straight wasted cash Homie! :viksux:
    3. Kitten
      I know right! The whole situation is downright laughable. Those fans are blaming Chilly on those jerseys, they think they should get their money back! :jester:
    4. Raptorman
      If I am not mistaken, Moss was passed over by 21 teams in the draft.
    5. ilovemypackers
      Coincidence? and that was because of his HS and College antics...otherwise, he would have gone sooner on talent.
    6. Kitten
      That's what I find such a shame here. He has all this talent, I don't think you'll find many people who will say he is not talented. The problem is he is a nutcase and his antics has the tendency to destroy locker rooms. Especially ones that were fragile to begin with, such as the Vikings. I said the same thing about T.O., it's a shame to see all that talent go to waste. You sit there wondering what might of been if he had his head on right, SB bound, ...perhaps. As a Packer fan, I personally couldn't imagine a better turn of events. But as a football fan, it still breaks my heart just a little to see such talent laid to waste.
    7. Raptorman
      If Randy had played like Cris Carter or Driver, running out every play, I am sure his number would be much higher than what they are now. As it is he will go down as one of the best WR's to play the game. His 1 TD per every 6.2 catches is not matched by anyone currently playing the game as far as I know or for that matter anyone who did play. (Rice was 1 Td per 7.8, T.O. is 1 per 7.0)
    8. ilovemypackers
      He'll be a HOF'er eventually; with an asterisk - Greatest WR Ever *but a huge jerk (personal opinion) How many other HOF'ers can you say that about? Character means a lot.
    9. packerfan1441
      The Titans unlike the Vikings will be successful this season. Standing at 5-3 they will be competing to grab the AFC South title from the Colts. They have excellent weapons on both sides of the ball, arguably the best running back in the league and Jeff Fisher is an excellent coach and does a good job adapting to different situations. In Randy's case though don't expect him to put up big numbers or even get targeted that many times, the Titans love to run the ball and hit short routes to sustain drives. They don't look for the home run ball, and Moss is king of the deep routes. Even when Randy does finally catch on to the offense it'll come in the last part of the year. Expect Fisher to wrangle in Moss though, he doesn't let players run that team. he runs it and lets his players know it.
    10. Incubes12
      Ugh, this kills Nate Washingtons fantasy value.

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