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Missteps, misgivings, and misguided

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by JbShell, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. JbShell

    JbShell Cheesehead

    Nov 7, 2005
    Ok so lets recap.
    As we all know there has been alot said and alot not said when it comes to this whole situation. I want to get the conversation going on the errors from both sides in this thing.
    1) Communication. Brett and the Packers both dropped the ball on this one. The Packers failed in the terms of maybe not clearly and making sure Brett clearly understood the ramifacations of his retirement and subsequent waffling. Maybe MM and TT could have expressed to Brett that waffling would facilitate his loosing his starters status immediately if he so desired a return.
    2) Bus Cook. Honest brokers are sometimes hard to find. Because of their long standing personal relationship Bus Cook may have overstepped in March and April. Even now he tends to be a cog in the process that wants to turn Brett away from the Packers.
    3) Brett's immediate direction to media when he did not get the WOOOOHOOO BRETTS BACK from MM and TT. Brett should have given the Packers what he wanted initially TIME. Decisions like this are often hard and when you press people into corners they tend to push back. Brett and his surrogates overreached in their assesment that fan sentiment would automatically arrive in their corner.
    4) Packers lack of media input. TT is notoriously slow and methodical in his response to situations. Javon Walker, Ryan Grant, Randy Moss ext. Fans tend to like info as soon as you can get it out. Now this goes back to communication. TT and MM have tried their best for the situation but have been slow to react.
    5) Brett interview. Now just as the word impliews interview means a view inside. Brett blew an oppurtunity to CLEAR THE AIR. His intetion may have been as such but I think he let his anger (built from those close to him) cloud his judgement. I think every fan understands the dilemma that anyone goes through when retiring from something you love. However, withholding information or releasing snipits is just as bad as a lie. Instead of clearing it up it only hurts more feelings.
    6) Both sides have missed oppurtunities to take the immediate high road. From slips in reporting Brett is welcome back as the back up. To Brett stating he doesnt need to compete.
    7) Brett throwing people under the bus. This helps no one. It will not help Campen (who'e relationship with Brett is likely over) It will not help Brett. It will not help the Pack.

    We as fans tend to passionate in our assesment of all sides. However I being guilty as well can tend to be harsher to the side I feel has done the most wrong. Brett I believe truly loves the Packers but has allowed his longstanding relationship and sense of entilement cloud his view of the big picture. TT has allowed his often bunker mentality to cloud his.

    So they need to take the oppurtunity after the PHOF inductions to have a POW WOW and pass the peace pipe around and try to has it out as proffesionals men to men. AND BRETT LEAVE BUS AT HOME. the cook guy I mean. You need to help get the bus you threw off of TT and the organization.
  2. Krazygangsta

    Krazygangsta Cheesehead

    Aug 27, 2006
    When someone in your company retires ... and you find a replacement for him. That means he lost his job to the person in back of him waiting to replace him. Simple as that ... TT doesn`t need to explain anything to Brett it`s just the way it is. Live with it Brett you wanted to retire didn`t you

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