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Just a fun comparison thread to get us all thinking!

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by dansz15, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. dansz15

    dansz15 Cheesehead

    Sep 16, 2008
    OK I just want to stir an argument.

    Favre never warmed up to Rodgers. Never *allegedly* helped nor was he apparently even nice to his succsessor.

    Personally, I think Brett was one of two things: too smug to help a young guy in the future. OR actually threatened by Rodgers' talent. A friend and I talked about it last night and we came up with this: When Favre called Rodgers' "their quarterback" after the game it kind of took me by surprise. I am wondering if Brett, who is clearly somewhat ego driven, is actually threatened by Rodgers becoming the next Packer great at QB. Some have said he has moments reminding them of Bart Starr with the way he carries himself. He has a stronger arm at long range (not short, Brett will always have the biggest 25 yd cannon), makes better decisions, and statistically last season was more sound that Favre last year and his first few years in his career.

    Just for fun, I think we should offer some thoughts about it. I actually think that he may almost subconsciously worry that someday if Rodgers plays with the talent he appears to have that he will supplant Favre as the "Packer QB", hopefully leading GB to the promise land - more than once.

  2. MilwaukeePackFan

    MilwaukeePackFan Cheesehead

    Oct 6, 2009
    Favre I Feel Thought That Green Bay Fans Would Go Crazy When He Left And Would Not Support AROD And It Would Hurt TT. I'm Sorry AROD Is A Bleeping Good QB. I Feel They Did The Right Thing For The Long Run. I Did Love Favre And I Still Do In A Way But I'm A Packer Fan First And I Really Do Like Rodgers. So I Agree Maybe Favre Does Feel Threatened In A Way. Remember He Said Im Not Going To Show Rodgers Anything Im Not A Coach. What Kind Of Crap Is That? I Call That A Hater. He Didnt Practice With The Team Alot In Favres Latter Days. He Had His Own Bleeping Locker Room. Thats Not A Team Player Or Leader. Then When He Said He Wants The Queens 2 Know That He Is There For The Team Just Cracks Me Up.

  3. longtimefan

    longtimefan Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mar 6, 2005
    Brett was always looking over his shoulder...Andrew Brandt discussed this on nationalfootballpost a while back..Something like he was worried who would take his place that is why he is/was so driven never to miss a start...After all that is how he got his start..

    As far as saying he isnt his coach..I dont think it is a big deal to say it...Brett did feel threatened by him I am sure...So why would Brett give him advice on how to be good?

    Sherman gave him the locker and it was right next to Andrew Brandts office I think? The press was to big of a problem being there..The team could have came up with other stuff then to seperate him....
  4. Hauschild

    Hauschild Cheesehead

    Jun 23, 2009
    All of this is really pure speculation and conjecture because we don't know Brett or Aaron other than how they portray themselves thru their play.

    From my viewpoint, I suppose Brett had "bigger fish to fry" when he was the Packers starting QB. Between practice and film study and pressers and all the other garbage, I don't see how Brett "mentoring" Rodgers on a continual basis does a whole lot of good for Brett or the Packers. And, considering Favre is not exactly the conventional type of NFL QB, it probably wouldn't have done a lot of good for Aaron.

    But, much of it has to do with human nature and an individual's personality. Some guys feel the need to nurture and some guys learn only thru personal experience. I suppose Brett falls into the latter category because that's how he learned, and would probably expect everybody to be like that. As one gets older, he realizes that no matter how much you attempt to "preach" to some people, they don't learn until they experience for themselves. For example, some people you can tell them not to drink and drive and they listen and never do it. Others, have to learn the hard way.

    I would also suspect that Brett understands the NFL from the business perspective and realizes that 1st round draft picks ALWAYS get a chance to show a return on investment at some point. Now, if you're tired of your job and don't care about being replaced, you'd probably go out of your way to aid your competition. However, we know now that Brett enjoys his job so it is understandable that he realized what GM's practice all the time, and didn't want to leave any sooner than he had to. I've also never read anything that stated that Brett blatantly ignored Rodgers or refused to answer questions when asked. He simply never went out of his way and I'm not sure anybody can justifiably blame him for that - especially considering how Rodgers has turned out. I think Aaron went about his business the right way.

    But, even though perception is supposed to be reality, often it is not because none of us knows each player and how they really co-existed.

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