Is Rodgers career being squandered in Green Bay?

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Aug 29, 2010
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Rodgers is every bit the equal of Tom Brady but it just seems like the Pats front office is more committed to surrounding him with talent.

Packers don't like paying veterans. So they let em' go pretty readily and replace em' with "good enough"

Rodgers should have more rings. Packers seem stuck at their level.

Nelson, Van Pelt, his trusted QB coach, Sitton, a three time pro-bowler.

I know Rodgers ain't happy.

The Packers front office is getting really pathetic.
You broke a three year silence for this crap??? Reread everything on this board outside the draft section and then add your comments to the specific areas you feel strongly about. BTW I think we have a very similar thread to this one already.
Wow, I’ve never seen this take before! Very fresh.
Yeah, I can agree with this
Oh good, this debate! Again.
But I'm tired of the same old crap. Especially from drive by posters.
This thread should either be locked or merged with any number of other threads. Talk about beating a dead horse.
Agree with this whole-heartedly. This interrupted my weekly mod pay Brink's truck delivery.
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