1. T

    Things I stand by as a Packers fan

    There are 5 things I stand by 1. McCarthy had to go he was stale and his ego was too much(I wanted McCarthy gone after the 2014 debacle, Capers I wanted gone in 2012, and Thompson gone in 2012) 2. Rodgers is not passive aggressive and if he is so what? These are grown men not children 3. Rodgers...
  2. E

    Aaron Rodgers is an Arrogant Jerk!

    Rodgers thinks he's God's gift to the Packers! Have you read his comments about how he's going to tell LaFleur just what needs to be done to get the Packers back on track? It's time Rodgers realized that he's not the owner of the team, nor is he the manager or the head coach! Rodgers has...
  3. Mklangelo

    Is Rodgers career being squandered in Green Bay?

    Rodgers is every bit the equal of Tom Brady but it just seems like the Pats front office is more committed to surrounding him with talent. Packers don't like paying veterans. So they let em' go pretty readily and replace em' with "good enough" Rodgers should have more rings. Packers seem...
  4. kevans74

    QBs not named Rodgers All threads merged

    For real... semi serious.... If ARod is out for the season I still have my (Packers) Favre jersey around lol

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