How Should We Evaluate a Defense?


Dec 20, 2014
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I think if we had better players all around, we'd be playing the first half more straight up defense to see how they're adjusting and then dial up all the stuff int he 2nd half. As pointed out, he seems to be good at that. Right now though, we're weak in a few spots, we all know that, and we're getting burned when we get caught. But he can't just play them straight up and make his reads and adjustments because we're not good enough at all the positions. We have to take shots to get off the field. like Monday night, corner blitzes and they're in max protect. A QB should never have time to throw that long pass, he should be on the ground or running for his life and unable to heave it that far. But they had a call on where everyone was in to block, QB is safe and comfy and BAM 60+ yard TD.

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