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Jul 23, 2012
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I would disagree.

I see no reason to resign Cobb or Lazard if Rodgers isn't playing for the Packers next season. Whereas if he does play, I can see him wanting those 2 guys for familiarity.

Let's face it, if Love is handed the starting job in 2023, we are in full rebuild mode and trying to get the cap number down as quick as we can. No sense keeping expensive vets at WR or TE, let Jordan build on things with Watson, Doubs, Toure and rookies.

Love needs to be surrounded with some talent at pass catchers as the Packers would otherwise set him up to fail. While there might be no need to bring back Cobb and Lazard (actually I don't consider that to be smart with Rodgers returning either) the front office would need to add some talent aside of rookies to the group currently under contract.

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