Breaking Down 2021 Defensive Unit vs 2022 Defensive Unit as of May


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The Packers have one of the strongest Defensive starting units on paper. The DL depth is as good as we’ve seen in GB in over a decade. The iLB group is pretty strong, I’d call it 3 starting caliber iLB’s.

We’re needing 1-2 DB’s and
1-2 players in that OLB group who can step up their games. Call it 3 guys who need to make the jump this season. If that happens? This will easily be the best Defense (as a whole) that we’ve seen in 12+ seasons.
If not, it’s still an adequate to good top #10-12 scoring D unit.

As long as the starters stay fairly healthy I fully expect the Packers to feature one of the best scoring defenses in the league.
Aug 16, 2014
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Watching college film. That Devante Wyatt has such a tremendous first step (partly it’s the quickness of his jump with the ball) If he beats you on his first move? he’s like a LB in a 300lb body honing in at full tilt.
I’m really hoping we get some packages with Clark, Reed and Wyatt simultaneously.

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