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2009 Draft day draws near. 2006 draft= No Hawk?

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by freefromwhatyouare, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. freefromwhatyouare

    freefromwhatyouare Cheesehead

    Feb 21, 2009
    Draft Day 2006

    The Green Bay Packers were trying to work a deal to move down out of the number #5 slot and their plan was to take Antonio Cromartie with their first selection later in the first round. The Packers wanted a 2nd round pick to move down in the first round and that was too much for any teams blood that day.

    As we know they stood pat at #5 and took AJ Hawk with the fifth selection in the first round.

    I liked Cromartie going into that draft. He was a solid pick I thought for San Diego at # 19. I knew the Packers wouldn't take him at #5, but I wonder if Woodson would have already made the move to safety and Harris and Cromartie would have been the corners the last few years. I think that would have made a huge positive difference in the quality of that defense over the past couple years.

    I like AJ but he needs to have a break out year this year or I really have to put him in the "bust" category of players from the 2006 draft.

    The Packers situation is somewhat similar this year with a high pick in the draft. I was for them moving down in that draft as I thought they would take Hawk. 2006 was a good draft for LB's going in and I thought they could get a LB as good as Hawk in the second round. I would like to see them keep the #9 this year.

    Some will say taking another highly regarded Ohio State player with a high pick is not what the Packers should do.

    The thought of a jinx regarding players coming out of Ohio State is a completely ridiculous notion brought on by journalists who have nothing better to write about.
  2. Jess

    Jess Movement!

    Jan 17, 2009
    I liked in Peter King's column when he told the story of someone at the combine asking James Laurinitis "When's the last time an Ohio State linebacker was worth a s--t?". And honestly, they have a point. Hawk, Carpenter, what was that other dude, Katzenmoyer or something? None of them have been as good as they were in college.

    I wouldn't put Hawk in the bust category. I would say he's just kind of there. He hasn't lived up to potential, but he's not a bad player though. He's neither boom nor bust.
  3. nelanator

    nelanator Cheesehead

    Sep 28, 2007
    Chris Speilman ftw. And I always thought that Katz would have been a monster if not for his injury. But I have said it before and I'll say it again, 3 of the 4 NFC North teams went for a linebacker in the first round. Green Bay had the pick of the litter and wound up with the lesser of the three. Greenway played at a Pro Bowl level last year, but didn't have the name recognition, and Ernie Simms could be beastly if they can get anyone else on that D to play. Aaron Curry would do that.
  4. NormalSizedMidget

    NormalSizedMidget Cheesehead

    Jan 5, 2009
    1999 David Boston (SE) Arizona Cardinals
    1999 Antoine Winfield (CB) Buffalo Bills
    1999 Andy Katzenmoyer (LB) New England Patriots
    2000 Ahmed Plummer (CB) San Francisco 49ers
    2001 Nate Clements (CB) Buffalo Bills
    2001 Ryan Pickett (DT) St. Louis Rams
    2004 Will Smith (DT) New Orleans Saints
    2004 Chris Gamble (DB) Carolina Panthers
    2004 Michael Jenkins (WR) Atlanta Falcons
    2006 Nick Mangold New York Jets
    2006 Donte Whitner Buffalo Bills
    2006 Santonio Holmes Pittsburgh Steelers
    2006 Bobby Carpenter Dallas Cowboys
    2006 A.J. Hawk Green Bay Packers
    2007 Ted Ginn Miami Dolphins
    2007 Anthony Gonzalez Indianapolis Colts
    2008 Vernon Gholston New York Jets

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