1. Bob Vance Refrigeration

    Fantasy Football Predictions/Thoughts

    Hey guys, we're almost in July and it's time for some fantasy football talk to begin. I'm a writer for and a number of other sites and I like to try and get the public opinion on certain players or topics when researching them. So feel free to drop in any thoughts or questions...
  2. JLW_51

    A List of Things That Green Bay Packers Fans have to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

    Take a read and let me know if I missed anything
  3. JLW_51

    Green Bay Packers Momentum Needs to Carry On to Keep Their Playoff Hopes Alive

    Hoping that the Packers, especially Hundley, can continue to improve their play after beating the Bears last week.
  4. 1

    the Ultimate season long playoff predictor is back! you can do week to week or what makes more sense of clicking on individual teams in standings and doing their whole season at once. when it saves,the link in the address changes so you can link that and people can see what you...
  5. JLW_51

    A Breakdown of the Green Bay Packers Offense from the Coach’s Box
  6. JLW_51

    Taking a look at the Packers offensive line for this coming season Tackles should be a strong point, but the middle of the offensive line has a lot of questions heading into 2017
  7. JLW_51

    Should the Packers keep Nick Perry, or let him walk

    He had a career season in 2016, but one productive season doesn't make a career. A decision will need to be made.
  8. JLW_51

    NFL Minority Head Coaches increase, but still work to do

    I am startled by the lack of minority offensive coordinators in the NFL, I would have thought there would be more.
  9. A

    Undefeated teams

    So there are 6 left including the Packers. Which one has the best chance of going the distance? That being said...

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