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  1. JLW_51

    Green Bay Packers Momentum Needs to Carry On to Keep Their Playoff Hopes Alive

    Hoping that the Packers, especially Hundley, can continue to improve their play after beating the Bears last week. http://lastwordonprofootball.com/2017/11/17/green-bay-packers-momentum-needs-carry-keep-playoff-hopes-alive/
  2. JLW_51

    Kenny Clark – Green Bay Packers Defensive Bright Spot

    I wish they all could be playing like Clark is right now. Thompson takes a lot of heat for his first round picks, most of it is deserved, but Clark looks like the real deal, http://lastwordonprofootball.com/2017/10/30/kenny-clark-green-bay-packers-defensive-bright-spot/
  3. JLW_51

    The Green Bay Packers Next Man Up Mantra Being Pushed to the Limit

  4. JLW_51

    Calls to Fire Dom Capers Went Silent on Sunday as the Green Bay Packers Defense Led Team to Victory

    Pretty impressive showing on Sunday. http://lastwordonprofootball.com/2017/09/11/firecapers-went-silent-sunday-green-bay-packers-defense-led-victory/
  5. JLW_51

    Rookie Adams will be watched closely this season for the Packers in his NFL rookie season


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