free agency

  1. childerm

    2017 NFL Free Agent wishlist

    So about 10 hours into my 12 hour work shift I began thinking to myself of some free agents out there I wouldn't mind Green Bay picking up. Now regardless if TT is back next year or not, I believe this coming off-season will be the year they go into some unknown territory and seriously shop for...
  2. Vrill

    Big, dynamic receiver is Packers' missing ingredient MM admits to what myself and others here have said. We need to get better at the WR/TE positions. Rodgers needs legit weapons. No more of this mediocre stuff.
  3. RyanO4

    TT needs to go

    TT needs to go. Getting to the playoffs every year isn't good enough anymore when you have a once in a lifetime QB. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks because he’s too stubborn to use free agency and trades. New England is a prime example of a team who utilizes the draft and free agency as...

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