1. K

    What needs to change?

    Was it the injuries? Was it AR missing key conversions? Or was it the coaching? 8 straight losses on the road. Where did our team go? What did you think needs to change?
  2. 4zone

    Calling All Talent Evaluators

    I am NOT a talent evaluator. I simply have no interest in watching Boise State football games so I never see anyone play except Wisconsin and whoever they play. Having said that, I know there are lots out there who do and are pretty good at seeing how guys play. And now to the point. I want...
  3. JLW_51

    Packers defense needs to be evaluated from the top to the bottom

    With McCarthy giving the impression that Capers will return next season, it still doesn't mean that Capers and the rest of the defense shouldn't be evaluated,
  4. Grave

    How is it that Capers still has a job with the Green Bay Packers?

    Capers has been passed by The Game.

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