1. DarkHelmet

    Biggest need: cornerback

    Going back several seasons the Packer's biggest problem has been the pass defense, especially on third down. Capers' scheme is part of the problem -- everybody knows when he's calling a blitz and decent quarterbacks pick it apart. But a large part of the problem is that we haven't had a decent...
  2. RepStar15


    It is no secret that cornerback is undoubtedly our most glaring need, so where do we go? Rely on the draft or continue to shop around in the FA market. I am personally on the fence. There are very strong CB's in the draft that will be cost effective. But then again, I thought we were set at the...
  3. Cheyne Jones

    Excited to See Randall step up!

    Surely I can't be the only one getting excited to see Damarious Randall step up and have a break out second year in the absence of Hayward!

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