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  1. O

    Defense and Special Teams need Coaching Changes

    First of all, defense. If you remember last year's NFC Championship Game, the San Francisco 49ers ran all over us. It was so bad Jimmy Garoppolo only attempted eight passes the entire game. Embarrassing. This year the defense starts out so bad that the so-called defensive leaders have to go into...
  2. K

    What needs to change?

    Was it the injuries? Was it AR missing key conversions? Or was it the coaching? 8 straight losses on the road. Where did our team go? What did you think needs to change?
  3. greenbeard

    Coaching staff changes?

    I don't see any major changes in the offeseason, mccarthy will (and should) be back, capers will be back too (if he doesn't retire), zook improved the st and should be back as well. The interessting part is the situation on Offense. They need to sort that situation out with clements, bennet and...

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