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    Oh My God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next week we gotta play a very good and improved Cincinnati team that will be licking their wounds after LOSING to Pittsburgh today... The Carson & Chad Show will be Primed and Ready !!!! Then we gotta say " Hey " to Big Ben and try to avoid getting hit by a that aforementioned...
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    ..The Packmaster NEVER lies !!!!!!!!!! ..You have witnessed what I professed would happen days ago.... ..The Dome DISASTER !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You
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    Dome Dollars

    ...Lots of SMART money going on the Vikings !!!! Minnesota is NOW the Favorite !!!!! Vikings 37 Green Bay 13
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    Dome Disaster !!!

    Just as I was on the RIGHT side in a BIG way with the Pack against New Orleans Saints.......I am also on the RIGHT side in this game !!!! The Vikings are DUE.....Culpepper is DUE....DUE for a massive game !!! The recent scandal is just the Fuel to light this FIRE !!!! This is...
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    HEY PackerChick Whats your story ??????? lol
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    _________________ CHICAGO BEARS (est.1920) 9 time world champions 26 hall of famers has THIS improved your life Philtration ???
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    You are RIGHT Philtration !!!
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    REMEMBER............... Vince said " WINNING IS EVERYTHING "
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    If the Green Bay Packers charge out of the tunnel of Lambeau Field on Sunday and then lose to the New Orleans Saints............. ..not only I, but countless Green Bay fans nationwide and worldwide will lose all RESPECT for the team that prides itself on Championships !!! If Favre and...
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    Question for the masses...

    Hi RP !!! Da Raiders put a lot of cash in my pocket last week.... as did Baltimore ( that tough HUNGRY Raven defense going against a team with NO quarterback.... I REALLY like Green Bay this week against the " homeless " Saints. Playing on the road EVERY game is gonna take a...
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    Question for the masses...

    sorry...I forgot I needed to clarify simple questions.... ( When was the last time Green Bay lost 3 Straight Regular Season Games in One Season at Historic Lambeau Field ?? )
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    Question for the masses...

    ..when was the last time GB lost 3 Straight home games at Lambeau ??????
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    ..does anyone know the last time the Packers were 0-5 ??
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    New Orleans Saints

    ...can anyone think of ONE good reason why they will march into Lambeau this week..and beat Green Bay ??????????/
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    Panthers/Packers Second Half

    ..anything happen in the second half of the Packer game ?? I switched from MNF at halftime to Monday Night WWE RAW !! WOW..WHAT A SHOW !!!! It was Homecoming and the Hulkster was back with Stone Cold Steve Austin,... A ton of GREAT clips and SUPER matches...... EDGE and Lita...

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