Want Packers tickets? Try the Vikings


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Dec 12, 2004
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Green Bay, WI

Desperate for Green Bay Packers tickets? Think out of the box … and into the dome.

If you want to see them play the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis, you can get a seat in the upper level of the Metrodome for only $196.10 – and that’s for the Packers game, all seven other regular-season games and both preseason games.

What’s described as a “limited view” seat is even cheaper – just $99 for all 10 games. Considering the Vikings, maybe it's a blessing to not be able to see everything.

The top price for a Vikings season ticket is $1,160. The Vikings announced their season-ticket prices today.

If you don’t want a season ticket, the Vikings usually have single-game tickets available after their season tickets are sold. Single-game tickets aren’t on sale yet. But in recent years, there’s been a catch: If you wanted the Packers game, you also had to buy a preseason game.

For the record: The Packers’ season tickets have been sold out since 1960. The Vikings’ sellout streak at the Metrodome is 94 games.

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