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Time To Shut Down Eddie Lacy

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by El Guapo, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. jaybadger82

    jaybadger82 Cheesehead

    Jan 17, 2012
    I think we're both optimistic about Lacy. It's just that Lacy is at least 25 pounds lighter than the future Hall of Famer you compare him to and Bettis was an anomaly amongst big backs for his combination of durability and longevity. See link.

    The whole "feature back" mindset is a bit outdated; a committee approach better protects your assets. Rather than see Eddie take anything off his bruising style, I would prefer to see his workload reduced (closer to 15 touches per contest) with our other assets at RB used to complement him better.

    BTW, Lacy had 319 total touches this season (342 touches when you count the postseason). I just don't think that's sustainable over the long-term. It's not that I'm pessimistic about about Eddie, I'm just practical about preserving my assets.

    Intelligent minds can disagree. I'll stop harping on this for now. Cheers all.
  2. adambr2

    adambr2 Cheesehead

    Nov 8, 2012
    You did this very exact thing...in multiple posts.

    Not one poster, to my knowledge, ever argued that Lacy's carries weren't a legitimate topic of discussion or even said that the workload shouldn't be shared.
  3. Carl

    Carl Cheesehead

    Nov 6, 2013
    There are painful injuries that can be played with without making worse unless the same mechanism of injury happens again.

    Maybe Lacy's ankle was one of those.
  4. El Guapo

    El Guapo Cheesehead

    Dec 7, 2011
    Seeing the "Bench Eddie Lacy" thread made me want to resurrect my old thread for fun. Different situations I know, but funny that it's becoming an annual thread. Maybe it needs a sticky like the Fire Capers discussion :roflmao:

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