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The GM Story Part I- How did we get Here at 1-6??

Discussion in 'Packer Fan Forum' started by CaliforniaCheez, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. CaliforniaCheez

    CaliforniaCheez Cheesehead

    Apr 13, 2005
    Now that we are nearing the halfway point of the season it is time to look at the team, evaluate, and plan for the future.

    Through age, free agency, and injury the Packers have for years not been replacing players. A bad rookie GM took years of low draft position to get the team to this point. A team usually has to add at least 8 players a year through various methods. A Look at 2002-2004 drafts (Ron Wolf contributed to 2001) provides some insight on a GM as it is a one sided restocking of players. Analysis of free agency moves requires historical context and its subjective nature would require much writing.

    The 2002 draft took place after the signing of Joe Johnson to his multimillion multi-year contract. The Packers traded a second round pick to move up eight spots in the first round to get Javon Walker who was finally able to live up to first round status in 04. The Packers for those 2 high picks got one good year, an okay year, and a poor year WR.
    Marques Anderson was the 3rd round pick and contributed 2 years as a back up before being traded for draft picks that were thrown away on R-Kal Truluck who made virtually no contribution to the Packers. Davenport the 4th round pick was intended to replace Henderson but moved to back up RB and has not been able to avoid injury contributing some play for parts on seasons.
    5th round pick Aaron Kampmann has contributed the most of this draft class staying healthy and becoming a consistant starter. 5th round Craig Nall is the back up QB who has learned the NFL and is ready but is inactive on Sundays. 3 years after the 02 draft 1 player is active on game days in 05.

    The 2003 draft began with the selection of Nick Barnett who played better than expected as a rookie. He has been a solid uninjured player. 2nd round was traded for Al Harris who has also performed well and was worth the price. The Packers gave up their 4th round pick to move up 15 spots in the 3rd round and take Kenny Peterson a bust of a draft pick with those 2 choices. The Packers gave up their 6th round to move up in the 5th for James Lee who was IR in 03, hurt when needed in 04 and cut in 05. The 6th round Hunter Hillenmeyer was selected by trading a 7th round to move up. He was cut and now starts for the Bears. Of fourteen picks 3 are on the active roster on Sundays. Barnett and Harris start while Kenny Peterson is on the roster by finger nails.

    The 2004 draft began with doubts about Mike Mckenzie. Ahmad Carroll was drafted in first round and pushed into starting role a short time into the season. He still starts in 05 but his propensity for penalties, inability to accept coaching, and lack of progress make him THE weak link on the defensive unit. The second round pick was traded for extra picks. A third round was used on Joey Thomas CB a back up to date. A third was used on DT Washington who has not yet contributed to the Packers. Another 3rd round pick and a 4th and 5th round pick to move up and draft him was used on punter BJ Sander who was inactive his rookie year but is punting for the team this year. The 6th round pick Corey Williams has been a solid contributor in the D-line rotation. 7th rounder Scott Wells was a compensatory pick draft pick that could not be traded. He also is a contributor. 4 Picks in this draft are active on Sundays.

    8 players on current game day active list were drafted 02-04 by GM Mike Sherman(I include Al Harris trade of draft pick). An average of 3 draft picks per season does not make up for loss of personnel. There were some new players but no true depth developed and building for the future did not take place. 2004 we saw the first signs at CB and D-Line and a team that barely made the playoffs. By 2005 more depth was needed to step into starting roles it was not there. A new GM was needed. Bob Harlan pulled the trigger.
  2. yooperfan

    yooperfan Cheesehead

    Dec 4, 2004
    Re: The GM Story Part I- How did we get Here

    Very good essay. Must have taken some time to put that together.
    I like the objectivity and lack of malice.
    Thanks, I look forward to part II.
  3. Chamuko

    Chamuko Cheesehead

    Jun 6, 2005
    Re: The GM Story Part I- How did we get Here

    Me too, really liked it !!

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