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Jul 29, 2013
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while those stats really look disparaging, what was the context? 1st drive of 2nd half. 20 yard pass play, running play for 9 yards, awesome, running play for 6.oops, holding, back them up and put GB into a passing situation pass batted at line incomplete, incomplete, punt. are 2nd and10 and 3rd and 10 big running downs?

Next drive the bills go up 16-10 and after a 3 yard run, Rodgers throws an INT on a pass slightly behind Cobb.

Then we're at the 2, 4 yard run, Jordy drops a 84 yd TD pass, great call, HORRIBLE execution. now it's 3rd and 6, passing or run down at your own 6 yard line? Pass for 1st down

next play, run for 2 yards. 2nd and 8 isn't a heavy run down, and what defense were they in? I don't remember, but incomplete and then we passed for a 1st down again. Then 2 runs, 3 passes and Boykin deflects a very catchable ball up and it's intercepted.

after bills possession, Green bay is now down 19-10 and in the 4th quarter. A perfect time to get the run game going right? Well we do, for 6 yards, great, for 21 more, awesome. Nope, holding again ( I remember that horsehit call, but it was called none the less) Now 2nd and 14, running down? in the 4th quarter? down by 9? probably not. we did eventually score a field goal to get within 6. pretty much all passing and getting 10 yards or so a pop till we stalled again.

From then on, Green Bay ran 1 single play and Rodgers fumbled on a sack in the endzone with less than 2 minutes to play in a game down by 9 with Zero timeouts left for GB

So while the overall stats can paint one picture, the actual in game circumstances paint a completely different one.

You can't look at play calling like this. If McCarthy was more dedicated to the run maybe the interception toward Cobb doesn't happen because Lacy or Starks runs for five yards. Then everything else is different. However, looking back in your fashion, here are my thoughts:

When holding was called in the fourth quarter there was 8:47 left in the game. The Packers were down a TD and FG to win the game. The Bills offense had done basically nothing all game. There was no reason to abandon the run. With 7:30 left in the game, on that drive, the Packers called six straight passing plays. This wasn't a two-minute drill. There was plenty of time to stick with the run.


Dec 20, 2014
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maybe, or maybe they run it and lose 4 yards like against Seattle and punt. They never even pull within 6 points. If's and but's , but none of it matters if they didn't just have one of their worst day dropping very catchable balls.